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List of Things a Women must have in Her Wardrobe

posted by on 3-11-20 in Lifestyle

Women are envied for the wide amount of clothing and accessories choices that they have. Women have a wide range of options in clothing like Tshirts, dresses, shirts, blazers, shorts, skirts, denim, and a world full of options for clothing for women. They also have a wide range of accessories options like scarfs, sun-glasses, rings, […]

Best Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Flawless Skin

posted by on 13-9-20 in Skincare

Every girl dreams to get that beautiful and flawless skin. But due to stress, population, improper lifestyle, hormones, and many other reasons, clear and glass-like skin are snatched away from women. But with a bit of effort, women can definitely achieve clean and smooth skin overall. There are various skincare routines that are trending in […]

Different Types of Dresses for Women

posted by on 7-9-20 in Lifestyle

Dresses are one of the integral parts of a women’s or girl’s closet. Good dresses add definition to your body and give you an elegant and confident look. There are various types of dresses and one-piece available in the market. Fashion designers, the fashion industry, and clothing companies are striving hard to create unique and […]

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister 

posted by on 29-8-20 in Lifestyle

Wedding anniversary days are an important and merry day in one’s life. It is a happy and joyful day for any couple as they celebrate their togetherness and cherish their beautiful bond. If your sister’s anniversary is approaching, we know you would be busy planning something beautiful and sweet for your sister. Hence we have put […]

Blouse Designs with Silk Saree

posted by on 28-8-20 in Lifestyle

 Indians started wearing blouses only after the British era. Saree and blouse are considered as a national dress of India. Women from north to south prefer wearing a saree and blouse on any special occasion. As history says it was Jnanadanandini Debi the wife of Satyendranath Tagore was the one who wore a blouse first […]

Dumb Charades: The game we need

posted by on 24-8-20 in organizer articles

Games are one of the best ways to release stress and enjoy it. There are numerous fun games like Pictionary, tic tac toe, truth or dare, UNO, and many more games which add fun to the event and help people pass time. One of the best games loved by most people is dumb charades. Let us […]

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