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An Insight into the Wedding Vows

posted by on 3-8-20 in Other Ceremonies

Marriage is an important event in every culture. It is also a union between two people which is institutionalized and publicly recognized. These two individuals pledge to devote their life and time to one another and the pledge taken during their wedding is termed as “Wedding Vows”. How to write wedding vows? You can follow […]

Birthday quotes- Share the love

posted by on 1-8-20 in Lifestyle

Is it your friend’s birthday but you are not able to curate a good message? We have got you covered with some awesome birthday quotes.  Birthday quotes to share 1. May God shower you with tons of happiness, joy, never-ending bliss, and a century more! 2. A very happy birthday Buddy! Let happiness, money, and […]

Saree Poses for Instagram: Easy

posted by on 31-7-20 in Lifestyle

An Insta post requires 3 important factors. The picture, the caption and the right hashtag. Our list has some interesting poses in saree you can try for your photoshoot. Hence, Some interesting saree poses that you can use. Use our Hashtag #eventfashion if you want us to repost your picture. Cheers! 11 Best saree poses […]

Saree blouse back designs: Few types

posted by on 28-7-20 in Lifestyle

Women look adorable and elegant when they wrap a saree. Saree has become a style statement and many women prefer it. Wrapping a saree gives women confidence and a beautiful look. Along with draping a saree, a woman must also focus on choosing appropriate make-up look (matte, gloss, or dewy), good hairstyle, and accessories (like […]

Festivals UK – Time to celebrate

posted by on 25-7-20 in Other Festivals

There are countless festivals celebrated across the globe. You can find a lot of such festivals celebrated in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is not well known for its tourist spots, but also famous for its vibrant culture and ethos. The best of their traditions can be explained through an array of festivals celebrated […]

Best Music Festivals in the UK

posted by on 24-7-20 in Other Festivals

Music is considered as the common language understood by all human beings. All people love music and automatically find a sense of happiness after listening to good music or favorite songs. Music tends to help people in any situation or mood. Like people listen to music when they are happy, people play music in a […]

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