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This is why you need BAPTISM

posted by on 9-9-19 in Other Ceremonies

Event fashion: Baptism is like a whole new divine entry to the commitment with God. Yet Baptism is just a word, just an object to the subject of one’s life. Therefore, it is a symbolism of salvation that a Christian has. Baptism is a visual testimony to one’s commitment to God. Indeed it is a […]

Good Friday 2020

posted by on 30-8-19 in Other Festivals

Event fashion: Good Friday is more than suffering. In other words, it’s a celebration for the rise of Jesus Christ in one’s sacred heart. People memorialize the execution of Jesus Christ as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. However, the dates vary as it is based on when the Jewish Passover takes place. Contingent on the […]

Actor Ganesh Venkataraman and Actor Nisha

posted by on 4-8-19 in Lifestyle

Event Fashion: Undoubtedly, Soap bubbles are not just transparent foams that go up in the air, carrying shades rainbow. They carry the happiness and joy to the person who blows it. Popping of soap bubbles gives a pop of happiness and not a sulk feel and similarly that’s how the Tamil wedding of Actor Ganesh […]