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My experience with Tamil Aruvatham Kalyanam

posted by on 17-10-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Aruvatham Kalyanam is celebrated by a couple when either of them reaches the age of 60; celebrated when the husband turns 60. Missing that year, then it is celebrated when the wife turns 60. Therefore, children along with their extended families take their parents (or) the couples to their clan deity’s temple. Here is my […]

The Devi of weapons – Ayudha Poojai

posted by on 17-10-19 in Tamil Festivals

Ayudha Poojai an integral part of the Navaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu for 10 days. The festival falls on the ninth day of the Navaratri festival, people offer pooja and prayers to the weapons and tools in the house. Hence, according to Tamil mythology, Goddess Chamundeshwari killed the demon king Mahishasura with […]

The significance of Tamil New year

posted by on 16-10-19 in Tamil Festivals

Tamil new year, also known as Tamil puthandu, is the first day of Tamil calendar. The Tamil new year also called as chithirai thirunal or varuda pirappu. Tamil new year holds a special significance to Tamilians; not only for the language but also the belief that lord Brahma started the creation of the world on […]

Traditional Kannada wedding

posted by on 3-10-19 in Other Weddings

Weddings in Karnataka are the gorgeous blend of simplicity and grandness. It has more traditional values and highlights the traditions of the state. The traditional Kannada wedding (or) Kannadiga wedding includes simple customs blended with all the basic Hindu rituals. Let’s flick through about Kannada weddings and its rituals which are followed. KANNADA PRE-WEDDING RITUALS […]

Here are some types of photography

posted by on 30-9-19 in Other-Event planning

A wedding ceremony needs a freeze-frame that people can use to re-live the memory and happiness. Hence, wedding photography is the best way to capture those wonderful moments. Each photographer has their own distinct style which reflects the photographer’s portfolio of work. Therefore, here are some types of photography elements. Here, for example, we wedding […]

The traditional Tamil wedding songs

posted by on 25-9-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Pee pee and Doom doom; How important do you think music is to a wedding? Think about it this way. What do wedding guests remember a year after your wedding? Do they remember how good the food was? Probably.Do they remember the bride’s wedding dress? Probably. Do they remember if they had a good time? […]

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