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60 Cheesy Instagram Bio for Girls

posted by on 24-6-20 in Tradition

Worried about choosing a perfect cheesy Instagram bio for girls. Event fashion provides you with a perfect solution for Instagram bios you can copy and paste, to make your profile look cool.  Instagram Bio For Girls I’m nOt bOriNG… jUzZz u R NoT cRazY eNouGh.😉 The best things in life aren’t THINGS 😊😊 Make it count, Live the […]

Quotes for Men: The real classy ones

posted by on 23-6-20 in Lifestyle

Some times words can heal people from their failures and gives the confidence to reach their goals. Here is a collection of inspirational and classy quotes for men and (or) Men Quotes from team event fashion which gives you the confidence to overcome all your worst situations. Read on to know more quotes for men!  […]

Poetic Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife With Images

posted by on 22-6-20 in Tradition, Weddings

All you need to know about the poetic wedding anniversary wishes to be shared with your wife to start your wedding day more romantic and unforgettable. Event fashion brings out poetic wishes with images to be shared with your wife. Read on to know more! Poetic wedding anniversary wishes for wife with Images My dear […]

Benefits of Honey

posted by on 19-6-20 in Tradition

Do you know that the extinction of the bees from the planet will end life on earth as we know it? Like how the bees are so important to our environment and us, the products derived from them are important as well. Notably, for the health-conscious and the sweetness freaks, honey plays an important role […]

Know About The Prevention And First Aid For Honey bee Sting

posted by on 18-6-20 in Skincare

Getting a sting from a honey bee is not any fun. For such a little insect, the pain of a sting can linger for days. Fortunately, although it can hurt, most of the people only suffer a slight allergic reaction to the sting and heal completely within a couple of days. Event fashion brings you […]

Rath Yatra The Festival of Chariot

posted by on 17-6-20 in Tradition

Rath Yatra is a ride in a chariot followed by the people dressed up like deities, religious saints and political leaders. The term Rath Yatra is seen in Puranas, which states the Rathajatra of Surya (Sun god), of Devi (Mother goddess), and Vishnu. In this celebration, the deities come out of the temple in chariot […]

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