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Destination wedding in Chennai: Top beach resorts

posted by on 6-10-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Chennai is one of the cultural capitals of India with its roots to the ancient Indian History. Even though weddings in Tamil Nadu have similar rituals and traditions like the rest of India, they do have their uniqueness. Here is our writeup on the Top beach Resorts for your destination wedding in Chennai. Also read: […]

What is an Estate, a Vintage, Or an Antique Jewelry ?

posted by on 27-9-19 in Lifestyle

Why the value of certain products increases with age?. Typically, the price of the product and demand should go down. But for certain products, it happens vice versa. Yes, old is gold and old gold is still gold and its precious. Vintage and antique products have paved their way into fashion industry. From creating new […]

Maundy Thursday

posted by on 19-9-19 in Other Festivals

Maundy Thursday is celebrated on Thursday during the holy week before Easter. It commemorates the last supper of Jesus Christ that represents the Jewish Passover, followed by good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Maundy Thursday Meaning The Thursday ere Easter is recognized as Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday. Maundy is assumed from the Latin word for “command,” and relates to Jesus’ commandment to […]

Weird Wedding Traditions

posted by on 28-8-19 in Lifestyle

Event fashion: Did you know how people celebrate their wedding all around the world? There are some weird wedding traditions that are still happening around the world. From the bride tossing her bouquet to wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue, the American wedding customs are still very popular. Today that even the most orthodox […]

Beach wedding in Chennai: An overview

posted by on 10-8-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Event fashion: A lush garden lawn that leads you to a stunning beach and a breath-taking sunset, this could be the setting for your Beach Destination Wedding in Chennai!  With these amazing beach wedding venues and some magical backdrop, You have just brought your imaginations to life, to celebrate the most important day of your […]

Traditional Jain Wedding

posted by on 6-8-19 in Other Weddings

“Jainism is one of Mother India’s oldest religions, originating in central India and going on to carve itself as one of the most prominent faiths in the whole world. In India itself, it is fairly prevalent throughout the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and other central-west states, while small pocket communities exist throughout the rest of […]

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