Destination Wedding in Karnataka: Our guide

Everyone has dreams related to their wedding. Some would love to have a grand affair spanning a few days and venues, while others may dream of a simple service. Some want to have destination weddings. here is how to have a beautiful destination wedding in Karnataka.

If you want to do a destination wedding right, you might want to look into the option of getting married in Karnataka. The various parts of Karnataka will appeal to different sections of people. If you lean towards tradition and grandeur, Mysuru is an excellent option for you. If you want it to be a metropolitan affair, consider Bengaluru. Look into Hampi as a location if the charms of the past allure you. There is something for everyone in the beautiful state of Karnataka.

Mountain View plantation

Excellent destination wedding locations in Karnataka

Those people who opt for destination weddings in Karnataka have a whole plethora of location options to choose from. 

Coorg – The Ultimate Lover’s Paradise

Coorg is a dream come true for lovers of nature. A wedding at a hill station is not something everyone can boast of. Coorg is the place for the brewing of love and romance. What better place to set as a location for your destination wedding Karnataka than the Scotland of India – Coorg.

Coorg offers various magnificent venue options. There is Vivanta by Taj 4000 meters above sea level. The Heritage Resort combines natural beauty and luxuries. You could opt for the Kadkani Riverside Resort with its spectacular views over the river and forest. At the Porcupine Castle, the chirping of the birds and the sweet rustling of leaves will provide the perfect background music for your wedding. 

Winter is the ideal season for a destination wedding in Coorg. The fact that Coorg is easily accessible by air as well as by railway adds to its charm. 

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Chikmagalur – The beautiful hilly terrains

This is another magical place in Karnataka in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range. This hill station offers magnificent scenic beauty as the backdrop for your dream wedding. Baba Budangiri mountain from Baba Budan range of the Western Ghats flank this hill station from the north. It has three holy caves that you could visit with your spouse after the wedding. In Chikmaglur, you could have a marriage between the hills, along the shore, or even in a garden. 

Bandipur – An unforgettable location

Bandipur is an exotic location for a wedding. In the past, the Maharaja of Mysore had reserved it as his private hunting ground. It houses the Tiger Reserve National Park now. This place has a unique appeal.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the amazing locations available in Karnataka. There are many more, and if you are serious about destination weddings in Karnataka, look at these locations and scan through more before selecting one. 

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Tips to make your destination wedding, a reality

Where you hold your wedding in Karnataka, will depend on the budget as much as your taste and personality. So the first step would be to set your wedding budget and make allocations to the different items important to you. Select a location that your budget permits, and your heart loves. The wedding venue should be easily accessible from wherever your guests are staying. Look up and contact local vendors. These days, it is possible to get recommendations and vendor reviews over the internet, so you don’t have to worry about being deceived. You could bring along your photographer, or you could hire a local. The things you don’t have to worry about are your pictures and videos because the scenic locations will beautify them for sure. When your venue is set, make sure your invitation cards specify the site and help the invitees reach the destination with ease. 

Once you are done with arrangements, relax, and enjoy your dream unfold in front of your eyes. Destination weddings in Karnataka are enjoyable at the time and memorable for a lifetime. 

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