Kannada Wedding Songs: List of the Best songs

Event Fashion: Weddings in Karnataka are a beautiful concoction of traditional and regional values. The weddings take on a lively character because of the Kannada wedding songs. If you have always been intrigued by these songs, we have done the hard work of putting together some of the best and latest for you. If you wish to try this music but don’t know where to start, we have your answer ready. Read on to find out about the classic as well as contemporary songs played in Kannada weddings. 

Kannada wedding songs
Bride and Groom sitting in a Kannada wedding

All-time favourites of Kannada Wedding Songs

These are the songs that do not get old. Their flavour gets better with time. People loved them when they first came out, and people continue to love them and play them at weddings. Their magical effect does not fade away. These are associated with some of the best wedding memories for some people. We have listed a few of these songs below:

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1. Madarangi from Milana

This song came out in 2007, and people still consider a marriage video incomplete without it. Rajesh Krishnan and Shreya Goshal sang it. The video of the song depicts the marriage of the characters played by Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvathi Menon. The upbeat tone of the song can liven up any marriage function. 

Madarangi from the Movie Milana – Kannada wedding song

2. Shree Gandhada Gombe

The movie Yajamana released at almost the end of Y2K, and Shree Gandhada Gombe was a part of the repertoire of songs in the film. This is another favourite wedding song sung by Rajesh Krishnan. S.Chithra provided the melodious female voice in the song. Rajesh Ramanath provided the music, and the K.Kalyan penned the lyrics. This song has been one of the all-time favourites and is consistently added to wedding playlists ever since it released almost two decades ago. Even after all this time, its appeal does not seem to be fading away. 

Shree Gandhada Gombe from Yajamana

3. Joru Joru

This song from the 2014 Kannada romantic comedy movie Neenade Naa still brings people to the dance floor with its sweet and cheerful tone. 

oru Joru from Nee Naade Naa

4. Madhuveya Sambramavo

The movie Galata Maduve came out in 2002 and brought it with it this evergreen wedding song. This song is by Ramesh Chandra and Chandrika Gururaj. Vyasa Rao is the lyricist of this beautiful song. 

Madhuveya Sambramavo From Galate Madhuve

5. Jane Janera Sobana

Gandana Mane released in 2007 and brought the song Jane Janera Sobana with it. Hemanth Kumar sang this song. V. Manohar provided the lyrics. This song is ideal for all wedding functions and a must in your wedding playlist. 

The wedding numbers for this year (2020)

These are the trending ones, quite popular with the youth. The songs that have lit up the dance floor and brought energy and joy to the marriage functions this year are listed below:

1. Oolelle Oolelle Mastu Mastu Oolelle

This peppy dance song from the movie Thrayambakam is perfect for weddings. It has the power to pull crowds to the dance floor. The official video of the song depicts Rohitt and Anupama Gowda showing off their fantastic dance moves. The artists that provided us with this number are Anuradha Bhat, Santhosh Venky, and Sanjith Hegde. 

2. Mangalyam Thanthunanena 

This catchy song released at the start of this year is pure gold when it comes to wedding songs. It has more than 5 million views on YouTube, which should give you an idea of its popularity. It was a part of the movie Seetharama Kalyana. The vibrant colors, energy, and dance moves in the original video of the song inspired and set the mood for the weddings this year. Vijay Prakash sang this beautiful Kannada wedding song. 

3. Bhara Bhara Bharaate 

This hip song from the romantic action entertainer Bharaate released this year is quite popular to get the party moving. It is groovy and adds just what a wedding needs –masala. It is sung by Sriimurali. 

4. Chuttu Chuttu

This song by Ravindra Soragavi and Shamitha Malnad will get everyone in the wedding party tapping their feet. It is one of those songs that don’t allow you to sit without moving. With 94 million views on YouTube, this song is riding high on the waves of popularity. You cannot miss this one out from a wedding party playlist. 

There you have some of the best Kannada Wedding Songs. It’s time to get that playlist ready as the wedding season is almost here. These will ensure good times and loads of fun at weddings this year.

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