5 Things to keep in mind before booking a venue

Event Fashion: Booking a venue for an event is a strenuous process. There are multiple factors to consider before booking the same. Some 5 Things to keep in mind before booking a venue are listed below :

5 Things to keep in mind before booking a venue

Guest Capacity

You need to have a good idea about the size of your guest list before fixing the venue. Also, one must always book a venue according to the number of guests you have planned to invite. You should also prepare a list of the floating crowd, which is people who may not hang out till the end of the function.

Pricing Terms

Get the terms and conditions of the venue and understand the basic information and on what basis do they charge you. For instance, whenever I book a property say it a hall, venue or private space, every owner has their own rules regarding the percentage of money upfront (advance) or the price they charge is inclusive of G.S.T and other services charges like cleaning, electricity, water, etc. Or maybe not.

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Vendor Choices

you should be very careful when you choose the right vendor for your important day. Most marriage halls and wedding venues in Chennai have certain regulations regarding vendor selection. Some of them will not let you use vendors of your choice because of the tie-up they have with some vendors. You might end up spending a lot of time understanding the cost implications of the venue’s terms and conditions for using wedding vendors.do not settle with the vendors unless you are happy with both the venue and the vendor.

Plate counts

When you book a banquet hall in hotels or resorts, pricing is usually based on the number of plates irrespective on the number of people turn up. However, most of the hotels and resorts will expect you to bring in a minimum number according to the package you select. If you cannot fill the venue with the number of people promised, you will end up paying the rental fee as well. Hotels and resorts will have a revenue target fixed for the time slot booked. Knowing this upfront is essential.

Date and Place

The cost of marriage halls depends on the property space and location. The cost can get high if the hall is on a prime location. It’s better to book your marriage hall in advance so that you won’t be facing any last-minute crisis. It’s better to keep the hall booked between six to twelve months if by any chance the date falls on the “marriage season” also called the “muhurtam season” you might have a hard time finding your perfect venue. February to June and September to December is the typical marriage season.

So, above are the 5 Things to keep in mind before booking a venue

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