Bachelorette Party- Event Planning

Event fashion: A young unmarried woman is called a bachelorette. A bachelorette party is a fun gathering organized for a bride-to-be. It only comprises of other women and is usually more friend-focussed. Just like a bachelor party is an opportunity for a groom-to-be to let loose, a bachelorette party gives the bride-to-be some intimate and fun time to spend with her ladies.

In the 80s and 90s, bachelorette parties were often limited to one evening. Nowadays, the single-day concept has evolved into a multiple-day reunion with exotic weekend itineraries for some. 27% bachelor or bachelorette parties are a single day affair, 27% is a one-day and one-night event, 45% last a full 3 or 4-day weekend and 2% last a week or more.

Bachelorette Party- Event Planning
a bachelorette party gives the bride-to-be some fun before her wedding to beat off stress

It was found in a study that only 11% of people prefer to take 1-5 people for their bachelor or bachelorette party. The other 46% prefer 6-10 people, 25% prefer 11-15 people, 10% prefer 16-20 people, 4% prefer 21-25 people and the remaining 5% prefer 25+ people.

Americans spend an average of $625.2 dollar on travel, lodging, entertainment, food & drinks, shopping and other activities. 7% bachelors/bachelorettes spend less than $100, 21% spend $100-$250, 25% spend $250-$500, 27% spend $500-$1000, 12% spend $1000-$1500 and 8% spend more than $1500.

Planning the Bachelorette Party

The process of planning a bachelorette party is tedious, as opposed to conventional notions. The bride needs to figure out what she wants, and all that she wants to avoid in terms of food, decorations, stay etc. Organise your ideas and choose a theme for the party.

Setting a date and creating the guest list are the two most crucial tasks. Timing it right is critical as you would want all your guests to be available. Budgeting is another important aspect. Nowadays, it not necessary that the bride pays; it entirely depends on the kind of event that is being planned. Sending out invites and taking care of transportation is essential.

Another critical factor in planning the bachelorette party is the decoration. Some brides want their venue looking a certain way, which is alright. Planning the activities, like games, are also important.

Some brides want to plan their bachelorette parties, and some others hire an event planner for the same. In some cases, it is the guests that do all the work. If you want to hire an event planner, look at their party packages, menus and other services that they might offer. Communicate with the planner and balance your ideas with them. Specify the thing or activities that you want in your party and get together with them to choose a site or venue.

Ideas and Innovations

Incorporating your culture into the bachelorette party is a great way to let your friends experience something they might have never experienced. While planning the bachelorette party, take into account what the people you are inviting like or dislike. It will help them be engaged and enjoy every minute of it. 

  • If you and your invitees are adventurous, you can go to an adult camp or for a road trip.
  • If you live near the sea and none of your invitees minds the sea, go sailing or party at the beach. Get a little sun and do something that you can remember for the rest of your life.
  • If your invitees are artistic and creative people, why not go for an incredible live drawing class or paint party? You can also go to a cooking class if you and your invitees enjoy cooking.
  • Women live busy and stressful lives. To kick-back and relax, organise a Spa Day, Wellness Weekend or Yoga Retreat. You and your girl-pals can bust some stress. It will make you look and feel the best on your wedding day.
  • If you wish to attend a music festival, why not tag your invitees along? Book your stay near the festival venue and enjoy.
  • Do you enjoy singing? Book a karaoke night!
  • If nothing fits your boat, book a hotel room and spend the night watching a movie or playing games.

For Party Favours, gift your invitees something that is not only aesthetic but also serves some utility. Things like Party Mugs or Cups, Bags filled with custom articles and artefacts, cutlery-sets etc. are some good ideas.

Whatever you decide upon, make sure you and your guests have fun for it is all about you during your bachelorette party. Read about event planning here.