Focus points of a wedding preparation

Planning a wedding is not easy work. It takes a lot of preparation and efforts to finally execute things that have been planned for the wedding. Indian weddings are big, loud, colourful and filled with lots of fun. Well, that’s all true and Tamil weddings have no exceptions. It’s all filled with many rituals and it continues for several days before the couple finally ties the knot. Therefore, planning for all occasions individually isn’t an easy task. So here is a checklist containing the focus points of wedding preparation.

Wedding budget 

Bride holding kamadhenu in her hand
Event Fashion: Bride holding kamadhenu in her hand

Wedding budget includes food, flowers, entertainment, rental fees, shopping and other similar expenses. It’s important that we manage the entire cost for the wedding carefully that it comes under your budget. And, here are some suggestions for you about planning your wedding.

Wedding venue 

One of the biggest spending in Indian Wedding is made on the selection of the wedding venue. Choose a perfect venue and pre-book it 8-9 months before the wedding date to reduce your venue cost.  

Wedding shopping 

Choosing wedding outfits within the budget is the biggest task. Wedding outfits make the bride and groom look gorgeous on their big day. Wedding accessories shopping consist of purchasing Bridal accessories, bridal shoes, jewellery (Thali, Rings etc.) and purchasing Groom accessories, shoes, watch etc. Bride and groom outfits are bought 2 months before the day of the wedding. The wedding outfits itself is a major expense and they are only worn once. If you want to reduce expense on the wedding outfit you can choose rental outfits.

Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centrepiece is the most important thing which makes the venue look magnificent and beautiful. Drapes and canopies give the wedding venue that clean, grand look and make up the quintessential auspicious background for the ceremony. Flowers is one such important decoration feature on a wedding day and they never fail to lift up the spirits on a special day. The flowers incorporated into the decorations largely depend on the budget of the wedding. Lighting is another important aspect of wedding centrepieces and it adds a touch of magnificence to the venue. Make sure that you reserve a wedding decorator/ florist 3 – 4 months prior. 

Wedding car decoration

Every bride or groom wants to make an entry with class and ride into the sunset with their partner in style on their wedding evening. Whether it may be rental car or own car, everyone wishes to take life partner home in a beautifully decorated car on the wedding evening. For decorating a car, use seasonal flowers which will reduce flowers cost. You can decorate the car with flowers individually all over the car or in bunches like bouquets, and place it on the hood. Don’t forget to reserve your rental car (optional) and floral decorators before 1-2 months before the wedding. 

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Wedding photography

wedding is a special event not only for the bride and groom but also for many other people who are related to them. Those unforgettable moments get captured so that one can remember all the fun-filled and emotional instances that took place at the wedding. Wedding photography provides you with the opportunity to cherish the wedding time later. Before finalizing the photographer, check their portfolio. This will enable you to know what exactly your wedding album will look like. Start researching 3 months prior to the wedding day. Compare two or three different vendors for packages and view the quality of work. We recommend to read the user-generated reviews and compare the photographers based on their profiles. Make sure to reserve the wedding Photographer before 3-4 months of your wedding day.

Honeymoon planning 

After rituals and the wedding ceremonies are done, it’s time for the newlywed couple to relax and spend some time together. This is what the honeymoon provides. Its the time for the new couple to come close and know each other better. And you wanna do is a plan for your honeymoon while the wedding preparations are on in full swing. Make sure that you decide and book tickets 2 months before your wedding. 

One week before the wedding

One week before the wedding ensures that the confirmations made related to your wedding day are still valid. Make sure to arrange final dress fittings and ensure your outfit is ready and perfect. Contact the arranged transport services and remind them about your booking. Review your wedding itinerary. Provide the layout of your wedding reception to your caterer and remind them about arrangements of food. Contact Wedding centrepieces and decorators and remind them regarding your wedding. Convey the final count of guests to your caterer. And finally, confirm honeymoon accommodations and reservations and pack for your honeymoon.

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The Big Day

Wedding ceremony is not just the union of two people, it’s the union of families and friends of the couple. The day where all your preparations come to an end. Yes, and it’s your day to relax and enjoy the wedding day. We wish you a Happy ceremony for a new beginning in your life.