Here are some types of photography

A wedding ceremony needs a freeze-frame that people can use to re-live the memory and happiness. Hence, wedding photography is the best way to capture those wonderful moments. Each photographer has their own distinct style which reflects the photographer’s portfolio of work. Therefore, here are some types of photography elements. Here, for example, we wedding as the occasion.

Close-up Photo of a newly wed couples
Close-up Photo of a newlywed couples

Types of Photography

Traditional wedding photography 

It is the new upcoming trend and there is a recent spike for demand in traditional wedding photography. A traditional photographer generally checks to make sure that every image is posed as portrait. It involves photos been taken pre-planned and people directly looking into the camera and smiling (say Cheese). Most commonly used when guests and relatives pose with the couple on the stage.  

Candid photography

Candid portrait photography will use light and click a person in a more informal tone. They specialize in expertly composed, well-lit portraits. They camouflage like Batman in the dark. The beauty of candid photography is being able to catch someone in the act. It adds life to your pictures. Therefore, capturing unplanned moments of someone’s emotions, be it cheerfulness or tears. Hence, you can’t find candid photographers mingling or telling the crowd to “look at the camera” to come up with magic moments.

Photojournalistic or reportage photography 

A wedding photojournalist is the one who records wedding events like a journalist. This photographer acts as a candid photographer but also takes it to the next level. They exhibit the pictures like a reporter. Hence, the picture they take will carry some information and (or) a story that exactly describes the emotions of that situation. There are few numbers of guests smiling for the camera, but this photographer prefers capturing close-ups, spontaneous reactions, sensory impressions and emotions of a wedding. The results of choosing reportage wedding photography will be that you will enjoy real and natural images with a story attached to it. It will surely evoke a flood of emotions.

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Commercial photography 

Commercial wedding photographers will perfectly capture shots of the centerpieces, cake, flowers, and decor. They could be hired just for handling the best touch to “people pictures.” A commercial photographer has a unique style. They be more formulaic and less spontaneous than a journalistic photographer.

Photographic wedding photography 

Similar to a photojournalist, A photographic wedding photographer takes traditional shots but prefers to find an artistic way to make it special. The photographic artist is an expert in the medium of black and white. And they produce beautifully composed photos, likely to be less candid but fully artistic.

Types of photography
Turmeric covered rice poured on Bride head during wedding ceremony

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography style is also considered formal wedding photography in the way that wedding couples are usually directed and posed for the camera. After all, the images that end up showing the most emotion, and they’re usually the ones that the couple end up framing and displaying in their home. Portrait photography makes the Key moments of the wedding and all those meaningful moments as perfect pictures for you.

Illustrative Photography

Illustrative wedding shoots stand on places emphasizing on composition, lighting, and background for a pre-wedding shoot. Couple pose “candidly” in an often-picturesque environment, makes this style an interesting blend of traditional. Thus, Illustrative photography creates a combo of spontaneity, visuals and innovations which would create the magic moments to wedding photos album.

Aerial Photography

If you want a modern wedding photographer with the latest trend and photography style you should know about aerial photography.  Aerial photography will obviously require more equipment and particularly an aerial drone with high quality / HD camera mounted on it. Aerial shots are great for outdoor wedding locations. Therefore, this acts a supplement to wedding video and to some extent the wedding photography. It gives a different perceptive to the wedding by adding the ‘Sky’ element. Therefore, there are multiple types of photographers and above are some types of photography. A lot of categories act as a supplement but to the main photographer.

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Types of photography lighting 

Firstly, it is necessary to understand if it is better to choose artificial or natural light. Depending on the location, choose the type of lighting. 

1. Backlighting

This technique gives one of the most beautiful wedding pictures. The bride and groom must stand in the direction of light. The light rays will give a glowing effect.

2. Side lighting

The light is focused on the bride and groom from the side. The only point to make sure is that the picture does not contain any shadows. 

3. Use windows 

Windows provide a narrow range of light which can be focused on the attire or jewellery of the bride or groom.

4. Take help of reflectors 

This is mainly used for open air weddings or on sunny days. The sun and this reflector ensure that the bride and groom receive light from both the directions (front and back). 

Types of photography shots

Capturing the best and candid moments of the memorable day is a must for the bride and groom.

Here are a few must have wedding shots:

1. Click photos of the bride and groom with flower bouquets in their hand or make the bride and groom stand near the flower decorations to capture a colorful picture.

2. Hold hands: As clichè as it may sound, this is one of the preferred poses and make the photo filled with love. 

3. Bride and groom standing with their parents is a memorable picture.

4. Bride and groom taking a stroll in the lush green environment (or any outdoor location).

Types of photography albums 

There are numerous types of photo albums from choose from to capture all the memorable moments:

1. Flush mount albums

This album contains high-quality and shiny pictures. The cover is either made of hard cardboard or leather.

2. Collage albums

This type of album comes with a hard cover and numerous pictures are present on a single sheet. The number of sheets in an album varies. 

3. Soft cover albums

The cover of these albums is made with thick paper. These albums contain shiny images inside and out. 

4. Digital wedding album

The best and beautiful pictures are loaded on a digital photo frame. The pictures keep changing on their own.

Types of aerial photography

Using a drone or quadcopter, or mounting the camera at a certain height to obtain a gorgeous wedding picture is trending. Gone are the days when front and side angles were used; now people also love to take aerial shots.

Types of aerial shots include:

1. Sunset shot:

The bride and groom are made to stand in an outdoor location. Using aerial photography, the bride and groom, and the mesmerizing sunset are all captured in one single frame. 

2. A shot with close family members

The family members along with bride and groom are made to form a heart and the shape is captured through aerial photography. 

3. Eye contact shot

The bride and groom are made to lie on the floor in opposite directions. The love-filled eye contact is captured by an aerial shot.


Choosing the right combination will provide a good mix of interesting photos for your wedding album. As they say, a photograph is like a pause button to life which allows us to peep into those wonderful memories spent. A good photograph keeps a moment from running away.