How to plan a perfect beach wedding

Event Fashion: The sound of waves, sea breeze, beautiful beach, sun rise, and the sense of freedom given by the open air. These are some of the perks of having a beach wedding. Wedding in India is a flamboyant, fun filled affair. A marriage is supposed to last a person’s lifetime. Thus, couple who plan it go to greater lengths to plan it. Here we share with you our own idea on how to plan a perfect beach wedding.   

Here are some factors to consider

beach wedding Plans
beach wedding Plans

The Month of your wedding

Beach weddings as the name suggests is an outdoor event. Hence, the weather plays a key role in this. You don’t want to plan a perfect day just to be ruined by the rain. Also, we advise not to gamble over this by having your wedding day planned close to the rainy season (off-season). India, a tropical country is influenced by 2 monsoon seasons – South West Monsoon and North-East Monsoon. The south-west monsoon comes in first and later triggers the North-East monsoon.

So, depending on your geographical location, plan your wedding in a way that the Indian Monsoon doesn’t affect your wedding day.

Wedding venue

This is tricky in India as you cannot conduct your wedding ceremony in an open public beach. You will have to find private beaches (or) get government permission regarding the same. Government access is complicated and hence finding a private beach would be advisable. Usually, resorts control private beaches and hence those will be well maintained and clean.

We have taken the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu as an example and have discussed the potential locations and expenses associated with planning a beach wedding. Here we considered Chennai. So, destination beach wedding in Chennai. Although Chennai weddings follow Tamil wedding culture, the major activities and expenses remain the same to organize other types of weddings. Click here to read about it.

Wedding Attire

It’s a beach. Things will get sandy and you will be accompanied by sand in everything you do. So, wear a simple dress. For a groom, it is advisable not to wear a lengthy dress (or) veil. Also, the temperature would increase significantly after the sun rise and hence simple wedding clothing would help with coping up with the rising temperature.

Also, no shoes (or) sandals. The loose sands will affect the way you walk. Barefoot will help you walk comfortably.

Prepare the venue

Venue decorations are different compared to an indoor wedding. So, decorations are kept minimal, letting nature provide the beauty your wedding deserves. Ensure the decorations or any equipment brought in can handle the sea breeze. You don’t want anything falling or flying off.

Provide a shaded area for the guest. Certain people might feel the sun is too much for them and it is better to provide them with a shaded area with air cooler. Continuously provide refreshments to your guests and have a dedicated person to monitor the refreshment. Hydrated guest equals happy guest

Time of your wedding

The ideal time of your wedding in India should be early morning. The stage should be set right before the dawn and everything should be ready just before the sun comes out. Just as the Sun pops up, the couple can be made to walk to the ceremony stage. This provides an excellent picturesque view and the photos will our point. Also, the sun provides the Lighting required to take HQ pictures. Keep in mind the timing and don’t push it too much as the late morning sun will make everything unpleasant.

 There you go. A beautiful sunrise, people who you love around you, perfect venue setting, and all dressed up couple will make it once picturesque event. This is our opinion on how to plan a perfect beach wedding. Feel free to share any details we missed below