Things overlooked while booking a venue for your event

Event Fashion: Venues are the backbone of any event. We often spend days choosing the perfect venue for our event’s needs. In this article, we will be expressing our views on things overlooked before booking an event venue. These may seem like minor factors to consider but trust us – it is these little things that make a whale of a difference in your experience

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4 components of an event (or) a wedding

  1. Venue
  2. The host and (or) family
  3. Guests / loved ones
  4. Good food

Everything else is miscellaneous and add to the aesthetics of the event. Here are some things overlooked before booking an event venue. We have considered a wedding as an event and have discussed how these factors affect the outcome. So, below are the things overlooked while booking a venue for your event.

Public transportation

As discussed above a wedding needs 4 major components. The ‘to be wed’ couple and their family will easily arrive at the venue. Most of the invited guests will make it to the venue as they will have their own vehicles to travel with. But few depend on public transport to travel. We learnt that finding a venue that is situated closer to public transport station and (or) stop helped not just the guest but also the organizers who will receive less calls to find the direction to the venue.

Public transportation


For a wedding, guests arrive at the venue from multiple locations. It is not just the locals but also people from other cities and states. The organizers will book rooms at the venue for the ‘to be wed’ and close family members. But will tend to book service apartments, hotels and air BnB for their out of city guests. When we executed our event, we realized a major flaw after booking the venue. There were not many options to choose from to provide accommodations to out of state and (or) city guests. We either must pay up extremely high prices for normal accommodation (or) pay regular price for filthy rooms. We ended up paying a higher-priced room as we didn’t want to trouble our guests. This exceeded our budget quite significantly even though we saved money on the venue cost.

Things overlooked before booking an event venue
Bridal room for comfort – accommodation

So, we learnt to always find a venue which has multiple accommodation options nearby.

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Vehicle Parking

The event we plan must provide a comfortable environment for our guests. Unpleasant experience at our event will give it a bad taste (or) memory. As it is instilled in an Indian culture that the guests must be treated as good as possible, we can ignore their comfort factor when they are attending our event. People arriving at our venue must have an adequate place to park their vehicles. Insufficient parking spaces will make them park their car/vehicle outside. This might result in traffic, confusion, discomfort and might even result in damage to property.

Backup generator

Venues usually have backup generators and it will be mostly enough. But in certain cases, the generator power will be lesser than what is required. If a completely air-conditioned venue is booked and the power shut down happens, the back-up generators kick in. So, depending on the power of the backup generator, the air conditioner unit is turned ON. If the power supply from the back-up generator is not enough, the lights, fans would work but the a/c wouldn’t work, and this would be a nightmare during the summer season.


This is frequently an overlooked one. All weddings/receptions in India have a song or music running in the background. Although renting speakers are not expensive but if the venue doesn’t have built-in speakers, they would take up significant space on the floor. Space and crowd management in a wedding is always complicated and rented speakers will make it even more difficult to manage.

These are a few things overlooked when booking a venue for your event and we have written this article solely based on our experience. If you think we missed something, please comment below.