11 Themes for wedding to make it amazing

Are you looking out for a perfect wedding theme? Check out our elite list of wedding themes for your big day.

Your big day will be remembered throughout your lifetime. Why not you plan something special for your important day to make it a perfect day in your life. Read on to know the best wedding themes that make your wedding ceremony more colourful.

Wedding Themes That Make Your Wedding More Colorful

Here are some interesting wedding themes that glow up your big day!

Traditionally themed wedding

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What if you solely wish to have your wedding ceremony traditionally? Just close your eyes and choose this tragic theme to make your wedding more traditional. In this theme, you need to choose your wedding location and profusely decorate your destination fully including traditional things. Make sure to mention the wedding dress code as traditional wear in the invitation which fills the wedding ceremony with more conventional vibes. Worried about installing this lyrical theme for your wedding? Just close your eyes and choose Event fashion. We Event fashion a young team with creative heads of wedding planners allegedly plan your wedding perfectly and uniquely.

Flower themed wedding

This couple who is high school sweethearts, brought a lot of love into this indoor garden wedding theme. Using pastel colors and tons of flowers the day was truly beautiful! This large floral arch was a great centerpiece at the ceremony! #Wedding #Flowers #Ideas #Garden #Purple #Yellow #Pink #Blue #WeddingDetails #Inspiration | Martha Stewart Weddings - These High School Sweethearts Created an Indoor Garden at Their Texas Wedding

Draping and hanging the frail flowers with sweet fragrance throughout the obscure corners of your wedding destination merely gives you out a perfect flower-themed wedding look. Where the foliage trailing from loops, a flower wall backdrop or rose wreaths slouching across arches, they give a pure look. All you need to install this theme in your wedding is to choose the best seasonal flower available in your wedding season. Pin some flowers with the bride’s wedding wear which adds more charm to her. Consequently, don’t forget to discuss this theme with your wedding planner before you try this out at your wedding.

Cinematic themed wedding

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Choosing a perfect movie theme for your grand wedding undoubtedly gets the first aesthetic preference which makes your wedding to look more cinematic themed. Decorate your wedding destination with the movie-themed props and choose your wedding, wear which, relates the movie characters. And don’t forget to design invitations and to prepare the name board in a cinematic way. Anything missed? Yes, don’t forget adding a cinema-themed photo prop frame in your wedding destination. Accordingly, your wedding ceremony will look more Cinematic themed and a memorable one in your life.

Green themed wedding

Wedding Themes

For a perfect green-themed wedding, you need to decorate your wedding destination with flowers and greenery as stage hangings and danglers. You can place flower pots and different other indoor plants inside the wedding venue. Decorate the guest tables with tiny flower pots including leafy table mats. Use synthetic grass carpet throughout the venue floor which gives a perfect green-themed look at your wedding. Consequently, you need to choose a perfect destination to use this theme for your wedding. And make sure that the bridesmaids wear a green-themed dress and matching bouquets to get synced with the theme.

White themed wedding

Wedding Themes
Wedding Themes

White themed wedding remains one of the simplest, least expensive and best wedding themes are all white. It doesn’t need to be dazzling white – you’ll use ivory or creams – but basically, you’re trying to find an absence of colour. the general effect is classic, simple and delightful, and you won’t need to struggle to match everything to at least one particular shade! Hence, you can put your bridesmaids in white too and make them carry the white bouquet.

The falling lights themed wedding

 Wedding Themes
Wedding Themes

Nothing but think about what if your wedding day gets shines hotly with the falling lights above your head? For this theme, you need to talk with your wedding planner to plan about how to decorate the falling lights throughout your wedding destinations. You can merely create delightful moments by including the lights with greenery and hanging precariously them in the ceiling. Adding a retro disco ball against string lights on the dancing floor brings up the party vibes in your wedding

Rich and metallic wedding theme

This wedding theme gives a royal and rich feel. Decorate the wedding space with metallic ornaments and make sure that the theme revolves around colors like silver, copper, or gold. It gives a very rustic and gorgeous look. As a bride or groom, ensure that you choose appropriate attire for this themed-wedding. Don’t choose colors like green, blue, or yellow. Rather choose your outfits which are red or brown in color and ensure that your wedding outfit looks equally rich and metallic. 

Garden theme:

Want something peaceful, simple, and yet fun? Then the garden theme is your go-to wedding theme! This theme is apt for people who don’t like indoors much and want to have a breezy and fun wedding. This kind of wedding is perfect for the summer and spring season. One can set the stage and seating space for guests in a beautiful garden. Cool breeze, leaves, and floral decoration, and laughter make a wedding fun. The bride and groom can opt for colors like white, yellow, or red to match with the garden theme perfectly!

Beach theme:

What better than standing on the sand, hearing the splashes of waves, and getting married to your favorite person? Well, if you love beaches, turn it into your wedding space! Create a beautiful floral arch over a wooden platform and the bride and groom can exchange rings or vows there surrounded by their friends and family. You can also choose a color theme for this wedding like white, sky blue, baby pink, or any light or natural colors. You can decorate the space with pearls and seashells! The bride and groom can opt for white dresses and the bride can add pearls to make her relatable to the theme!

Romantic red and pink theme:

Red is the color of love. What better way than getting married to a person in a romantic surrounding? Decorate the wedding hall or open space with a red and pink theme. Use abundant pink and red rose flowers to make the space look beautiful and romantic. Make use of beautiful chandeliers or candles to give a warm vibe. Decorate the space with tiny and large hearts. The bride and groom can choose colors like red, pink, or shiny white for their outfits. 

A beautiful tale in winter land (blue theme)

Do you love winters? Want to have your wedding in a winter wonderland? A winter fairytale theme is perfect for your wedding! Use a blue theme and add navy blue and clear white lights. If you want, you can also rent a fake snowmaking machine to add a more natural touch. Make use of abundant shiny lights and stars. The groom and bride can take inspiration from fairytales and choose their outfits accordingly. White, silver, and shiny yellow dresses go well with this theme.

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