20 Tamil songs to be played in a wedding ceremony

Tamil weddings are well known for their color, emotions, culture and varieties in food. Music (or) songs play a major role in a Tamil wedding and in-fact dancing at a wedding are even catching up quickly. Therefore, choosing the right song for wedding ceremony is crucial. The song needs to be clean and must be entertaining if not pleasant. We have listed the 20 Tamil songs to be played in a wedding ceremony.

Dancing in a wedding
Guests dancing to Tamil songs for wedding

Nalangu and Mehndi ceremony

Ceremony for cleansing of bride is known as nalagu. South Indian custom performed before the day of the wedding, where turmeric paste, flowers, oil is adorn to the bride. After Nalangu ceremony, Mehndi happens. The bride’s hands and feet are beautifully decorated with henna paste. Therefore, it signifies that darker the mehndi stronger the love in the wedding. 

We feel these songs create a  perfect mood for your Nalangu and Mehndi function. These songs covers fun, festive, playful part on one end and also covers the emotional portions of it. Hence, these songs highlights the videos made on nalangu and mehndi ceremony.

Mappillai Azhaippu – groom’s entry songs

To begin with mappillai azhaippu, bride’s younger brother welcomes the groom into the family, guiding him with acceptance and excitement. Then the married women from the bride’s family perform “Aarathi” to remove all evil eyes set on the groom. The Bride’s father then garland the groom and welcomes him in. The groom then proceeds to the Manavarai.

 Here are some rocking groom entry songs that gives you cheerful entry on your wedding.

Tamil marriage songs to be played

Without music, your wedding can turn out to be quite and it doesn’t provide a settling feel for your ceremony. So, our solution :

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Reception songs – for bride and groom

 Specially for brides and grooms to dance with their family and guests on their Big Day. Thus, songs played on reception will always remind the bride, groom and guests of the fun and special moments they had at the wedding. 

Songs played for couples on reception 

Songs played for reception dance

On a reception night, guests, the recently wed couple, and close family members all dance to songs and music. Therefore, some songs we feel will make you and your guests move.

Thus, above are the 20 wedding songs in Tamil, to be played at a wedding ceremony and of-course, it’s our suggestion. We will keep updating the songs based on upcoming trends. Try out your favorite songs as well and do comment on any song name that you feel that we missed.

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