My experience with Tamil Aruvatham Kalyanam

Aruvatham Kalyanam is celebrated by a couple when either of them reaches the age of 60; celebrated when the husband turns 60. Missing that year, then it is celebrated when the wife turns 60. Therefore, children along with their extended families take their parents (or) the couples to their clan deity’s temple. Here is my experience with Tamil Aruvatham Kalyanam.

Temple with Homam briks
Dedicated area inside a temple premises for Homam

Benefits of doing Aruvatham Kalyanam

Aruvatham Kalyanam, considered the best pariharam for old age illness and blesses the couple with good physical and mental health. Also, traditionally people believe that this ceremony removes all kinds of bad karmas.

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My experience on attending Aruvatham Kalyanam

I had my own experience taking part in my uncle and aunt’s aruvatham Kalyanam ceremony. We held it at Sri Abirami amman Udanurai Amirdhagadeswarar Temple, located in east Tambaram, Chennai.

It was a fantastic experience. We started early in the morning at around 5.00 Am from Anna Nagar, Chennai and reached the temple at 5.50 Am; booked rooms near the temple. We made the couple dressed in traditional attires and entered the temple around 6.50 Am. My uncle was wearing a Pattu vesti and pattu sattai. My aunt was wearing a traditional Kancheepuram silk saree. They sat in a dedicated area which permits homam inside the temple premises. Then, the priest started the pooja for diety and started chanting the mantrams for the homam. After the homam, priest sprayed with holy water to bless couples. Then, my uncle tied the new Thali around my aunt’s neck with the blessings of the priests and relatives surrounded by them. Everyone greeted the couple and gifted them.

It was a fun day!

Hence, after completing all the traditions, we came back to the hotel room. We changed clothes and went to a restaurant to have a family lunch. It was a blessed day for us and we did have our fun as we spent time with the newly-wed couple and family together. That was my experience with Tamil Aruvatham Kalyanam which I would cherish all my life.

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