Tamil wedding dance: The 4 types you need?

Tamil Nadu is popular for casting expensive and rich wedding events with great deals of colour, loud music, and passionate dancing. Tamil Nadu weddings are advantageous and celebrated with unbelievable energy, zeal, and joy. In this new era, the Tamil wedding dance has become the soul of any wedding event. In spite of the fact that proper dancing is for experts, nobody can resist the urge to move around on the dance floor to the rhythm of their favourite song. The wedding event guests gladly welcome the new couple into the world of marriage, by showing their joy and emotion into dance.

Indian Bharatanatyam - Tamil wedding
Indian women practising their Bharatanatyam moves

The many types of wedding dance, Read on to know more about the types of wedding dance in Tamil Nadu.

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Traditional folk dance 

folk dance played by people as the Tamil wedding dance, usually reflects the life of the people of our country or region. Not all ethnic dances are folk dances. Traditional folk dances of Tamil Nadu include several individuals and group forms, some of which are now being practised not only for their heritage but also for their entertainment quotient. Hence, its a traditional dance performed at the wedding to entertain the guest who attends the wedding.

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Kolattam a folk dance of southern India accompanied by the striking together of sticks. Hence, kolattam was originated in the Seventh century and one of the oldest dance performed at the wedding.


Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring areas. Therefore, Bharatanatyam is performed at the wedding to express the combination of music, expression, and rhythm.

Tamil wedding dance

Kuthu dance 

 Kuthu is a folk dance and music genre with an accent on percussion performed in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Hence, kuthu dance is a relatively informal dance. In that it has no structured, repeated steps and dancers do not learn through formal dance classes. It shares the importance of percussion with more traditional folk dances of Tamil Nadu, such as gummi and kolattam.

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Hip-hop and b-boying

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance techniques originally performed to hip-hop songs or that have unfolded as part of hip-hop culture. Breakdancing or also called b-boying/b-girling is an athletic style of street dance. Hence, hip-hop and b-boying can be the powerful dance performed in the Tamil wedding ceremony.