Types of flowers used in Tamil wedding

Traditional Tamil weddings are splendid, vibrant affairs. The wedding function last several days or even a week and involves a great deal of expense, preparation and celebrations. Hence, flowers play a major part in making Tamil wedding more colorful. Generally. different types of flowers are used in Tamil wedding to decorate the venue and the stage. Flowers are used to symbolize love, to make wedding centerpieces beautiful and create luscious one.

Some popular types of flowers used in Tamil wedding:


White jasmine flower, which commonly known as Malli poo. Jasmine flower considered as a sign of future prosperity, fortune and good luck. Usually, brides twist together these flowers into wreath to wear in their hair. Jasmine has a sweet and heady fragrance. Thus, it makes the flower much special on weddings.

Thread tied jasmine flower
Thread tied Jasmine flower


Chrysanthemums commonly known as Samanthi poo in Tamil. All shades of the chrysanthemum’s flowers used for wedding making bouquets and garlands. Chrysanthemums symbolize long life, joy and optimism. What could be better at a wedding than this flower ?

Pink Chrysanthemum flowers
Pink Chrysanthemum flowers


Delphinium is becoming more common in Indian weddings. Generally, it comes in pastel shades and means a welcoming, open heart and commonly known as Nirbasi poo in Tamil. Delphinium symbolizes an open heart, overall positivity, and fun and cheerfulness. Hence, delphinium is most commonly used to make wedding bouquets in Tamil weddings, which gives beautiful color and natural texture to arrangements.

Blossom – Ornamental Delphinium flowers

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies stays as a beautiful flower for an Indian wedding. They come in a variety of colors and therefore, look fresh even after several days. Gerbera daisies are best for a casual Tamil wedding. It means innocence and loyal love. Gerbera daisies comes in bright white, pink, red, orange, yellow, gold, peach. Hence, it makes your wedding bouquets more colorful.

Gerbera Daisy
Gerbera Daisy


Hydrangeas are an excellent wedding flowers because of their large size and it looks extravagant when assembled together and make lovely centerpieces. Hence, it comes in white, green, purple or blue and make the centerpieces look more gorgeous.

Hydrangeas Purple flower
Hydrangeas Purple flower


Marigold is commonly used in Tamil weddings. Samanthi poo is the common name for marigold in Tamil. Generally, it comes in yellow and orange colors. Marigolds are mostly in floral arrangements. Marigold is known for its fragrance and bursting colors. Marigold is widespread in Tamil Nadu and easily available almost year-round. Therefore, marigolds are used along with Rangoli designs for giving colorful touch on wedding venues.

marigold flower wedding
Marigold flower


Roses are not a traditional Indian flower. Common Tamil name of Rose flower – Roja poo Roses give beautiful urban look. Hence, roses are used for making bouquets in Tamil weddings. Rose combined with marigolds or jasmine for making beautiful display on weddings.

Beautiful Rose Bouquet


Large, cheery and vibrant, sunflowers are an ideal flower for Tamil weddings. Common Tamil name of Sunflower – Suryakanthi poo. Sunflowers considered to be a symbol of good luck. Therefore, it gives a perfect touch on your wedding day. Their strong stalks hold up well in arrangements. Thus, Sunflowers specifically used for flower arrangements. Sunflowers are pollen-free and relatively inexpensive and long-lasting.

Sunflower Bouquet can be used for decorations as an exotic flower
Sunflower Bouquet used as decorations – an exotic flower

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Tuberose are large and fragrant flowers. Common Tamil name of Tuberose – Nilasompangi poo. They are white and known as night fragrant flowers. Tuberose flowers symbolize pleasure and are used frequently in weddings as for garlands and decorations. Hence, this flower also used in various cultural rituals. 

White Tuberose flowers
White Tuberose flowers

In conclusion, wedding without flowers is quite an unimaginable affair. Thus, Flowers add charm and grace to the occasion and makes the wedding much colorful and gives an elegant and traditional look.