Destination wedding in Chennai: Top beach resorts

Chennai is one of the cultural capitals of India with its roots to the ancient Indian History. Even though weddings in Tamil Nadu have similar rituals and traditions like the rest of India, they do have their uniqueness. Here is our writeup on the Top beach Resorts for your destination wedding in Chennai.

Beach wedding chennai

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Break-in Tradition

In recent years with people starting to spend more on weddings, innovation makes it stand out. Couples these days want their weddings to be unique, break in the usual trend and rituals. Chennai weddings like other Indian weddings are indoors. But, these days the concept of Beach weddings are frequenting. Beach weddings started to get traction by late 2000s. Now with growing economy and affordability, people are looking to get married in style and are willing to spend the extra bucks to make their wedding day special with added serenity of the shores. In similarity, beach weddings in Chennai are getting traction as well.

Beach wedding decorations
Destination beach wedding in Chennai

Beach resorts in Chennai for wedding

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay

This resort is spread over 44 acres of the land area, the Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay is a 5-star resort on the coastline of Tamil Nadu with a calm and peaceful ambience. And it is only 55km from the Chennai International Airport.

Raddison Blu beach resort chennai
Raddison Blu- Chennai beach wedding


The resort has an enormous piece of lawn facing the beach where you can celebrate your wedding and wedding reception and it can easily accommodate over 2,000 people. There are also around 144 rooms available with some stunning views of the sea line, swimming pool and gardens. A vegetarian buffet plate costs Rs 950 plus tax and a non-vegetarian buffet plate costs Rs 1325 plus tax. There are two outdoor pools spanning over 27,000 square feet, therefore it’s ideal for throwing a pre-wedding pool party.

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Intercontinental Resort

The Intercontinental Resort is a beautiful 5-star resort on the shores of Tamil Nadu with a blissful view and ambience. The resort is 41.6km away from Chennai International Airport. The guests are welcomed with a welcome drink and a garland of flowers to help you create a memorable experience altogether.

Intercontinental Resort Chennai
Intercontinental Resort Chennai


The Intercontinental Resort has 105 rooms each with a private balcony and a beautiful view of the sea or the garden. The resort has a big lawn that has a wonderful sight overlooking the beach that can accommodate over 1500 people. However, for a much smaller wedding crowd, you can go for the banquet hall that has a capacity of 250 people.

Ideal Beach Resort

The Ideal Beach Resort is a 3-star hotel on the coast of Tamil Nadu with a 20th mid-century contemporary look and it’s perfect as the place is free from all disturbance amidst of peaceful serene property. Located just 52km away from the Chennai International Airport. This resort was built in the early 1970s and spread over 12 acres of land.

Ideal Beach resort
Ideal beach resort


The rooms of the resort have a unique touch to it. The rooms at the resort has an antique look with hardwood beds and furniture. It has a beautiful sea-facing deck called the Palm Beach deck that has a capacity of 220 people. The grand reception hall can accommodate around 1,000 people and they also can accommodate up to 3,000 people because the have a huge lawn. There is a smaller lawn were a smaller crowd of 700 people can be accommodated. A vegetarian wedding buffet would cost up to Rs 800 per plate and a non-vegetarian one costs around Rs 900.

Taj Fisherman’s Cove

The Taj Fisherman’s Cove is a beautiful 5-star resort. Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and it’s Built on the remains of a Dutch Fort. It has a very peaceful and blissful ambience. That makes it an ideal place for the people to have a relaxed and colorful beachside wedding. The resort is located at 35.5km from Chennai International Airport.

Taj Fisherman's Cove
Taj Fisherman’s Cove


There are 152 rooms in the resort with some stunning views from the room. And they also offer access to WiFi and other such basic amenities. And the resort’s grand New Beach Outdoor venue is ideal for the perfect beach wedding because it overlooks the Bay and can easily accommodate around 4,000 people.

The Casuarina Grove is an Outdoor venue and hence, ideal for an intimate wedding and for a smaller crowd of 150 people. A veg buffet costs Rs 1350 + tax and a non-vegetarian buffet costs Rs 1550 + tax per plate.

Chariot Beach Resort

Chariot beach resort lies around the coast of Mahabalipuram just touching the coastline of the east coast road. The Chariot Beach Resort is a 4-star resort, but it is covered with a whole lot of coconut trees and lush greenery in premises. It is located at 58.8km from the Chennai International Airport. The resort has a contemporary touch to it because of the interiors and architecture that covers around 42 acres of the coastline.

Chariot Beach Resort
Chariot Beach resort


The beach-side resort has an extremely stunning sight of 70 sea-facing and garden facing rooms. They also have a Beach Front Lawn that is the best for a beach-side wedding and can easily accommodate over 3,000 people. They can also arrange a perfect place for hosting a pool party near their pool. The resort has three banquet halls for weddings and other ceremonies.

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The Green Meadows 

Green Meadows Resort is one of the first premium resorts on the East Coast Road from Chennai to Pondicherry. So, it could be the perfect place to celebrate your wedding. spread across 3 acres; this property has 22 rooms, swimming pool, recreation centre. And a lawn spacious enough to accommodate a capacity of 2000+ guests.

Green Meadows
Green Meadows Chennai


In 2019, Green Meadows Resort was renovated to meet great hospitality standards. The Food & Beverage outlets at Green Meadows have innovative menus. These are curated and created by well-known celebrity chefs from across the country. Therefore, it is perfect for the small intimate gatherings and celebrations which can host even 1000+ guests.


Above is our Ultimate guide for beach resorts for a destination wedding in Chennai. Therefore, can be counted in one of the perfect places for your destination wedding.

Here we hope we end your search for the beach resorts in Chennai for your destination wedding in Chennai; indeed, it can be one of the above-mentioned places.