Awesome Beard Styles for Men

Beard has become a trendy accessory to many men. It helps in improving the aesthetics of the face and gives an overall mature look. Many boys and men have started growing a beard and grooming it frequently to make it look nice. Trends like “no shave November” and many more are encouraging men and boys to flaunt their beards. If you are thinking of keeping a beard but are not sure about the latest styles, check out the list of beard styles for men and choose one!

Beard Styles for Men: The list

A. Long or short beard:

The short or long beard look is the normal beard that grows without much effort. It gains a natural shape according to your face type. You can put minimal efforts like trimming the beard or shaping it to give a cleaner look. You can opt to keep the beard, short, mid-length, or long, according to your preference and comfort. 

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B. Chin strap beard:

This beard is high-maintenance and requires you to invest quality time to keep it perfect. This beard runs only across the jawline giving a good and sharp look. You can either opt for light or no moustache. This type of beard defines your jawline and you can ace it if you have an oval-shaped face. 

C. Oval (egg-shaped) beard:

This beard style goes with a bald look. You can grow a beard and moustache to a decent length. Once the beard grows to a certain length, you can shape it to give a circular look like egg or oval-shaped. People with round face shapes can go for this style. If you want to achieve the perfect oval-shaped beard, don’t hesitate to go to a salon!

D. Point or conical beard: 

This beard is perfect if you want to make your face look long. The beard runs across the jawline and a part of cheeks and drops down the chin to form a sharp edge (conical). To maintain this look, you must invest some time to trim the beard perfectly. You also take help from the professionals to achieve this beard look. 

E. New (stubble) beard: 

This look needs zero efforts but gives a good look. All you have to do is avoid shaving for 3-4 days. Tiny hair will grow giving a messy and minimal beard look. This type of look is easy to maintain and can be recreated at home. 

F. The Wolverine style: 

If you want to try something different, you can opt for the wolverine style beard. Hugh Jackman aces this look and if you have a similar face shape as him, you too can carry this look. The look is easy to achieve but you need to invest time and effort if you want to maintain it perfectly. Grow beard on across the jawline and cheeks and remove a small portion of hair from the chin area. 

Bottom Line

These are a few awesome and trendy beard styles for men. Beard helps in improving the overall aesthetics. If you wish to grow and keep a beard, check out these awesome styles. You can either head to a salon or shape your beard yourself. Ensure that you maintain the beard to make it look clean and perfect. Choose the beard style that you like and which suits you.