Simple Nail Art Designs: To Be Tried In 2020

Women’s, nails are an increase in what you wear, and cool nail art always happens to earn a lot of recognition and compliments. Moreover, who doesn’t adore an added dose of glamor to their nails? Practically there is no end to what you can do with nail design. Almost there are thousands of simple nail art designs you can see online. Before you spend in your next manicure, have a look at the best 12 simple nail art designs to be tried. 

Here are the Simple Nail Art Designs

Chrome Studs 

Chrome Studs nail art
Source: Pinterest

The clue to picking off this trend is matching studs with soft, delicate rose gold nails.

Graphic Gray 

Graphic Gray nail art
Source: Pinterest

When you let unenthusiastic space burst through those white, black, and grey designs, this look feels perfect — not hard.


Squiggles Nail art
Source: Pinterest

All you require is a black nail polish pen to DIY this cool look. Moreover, it looks difficult, we assure it’s impossibly easy.

Galaxy Designs 

Galaxy nail art designs
Source: Pinterest

Astrology enthusiasts will proceed heads up this design. Hence, it highlights colorful metallics and statement-making black stars.

Polka Dots 

Polka Dots  nail art designs
Source: Pinterest

It’s difficult to mess up this eccentric trend. Just make assured you have a collection of energetic colors in your cupboard before you get started.

Minimalist Floral 

 Minimalist Floral nail art designs
Source: Pinterest

Set your toe in the nail art streams with a floral pattern on 1 finger per hand. Finally, decorate the rest with a nude shade.

Bold Shapes 

 Bold Shapes  nail art designs
Source: Pinterest

Don’t be scared to go light and bright with your nails this season. Hence, you don’t need to pause for a milder climate!

Metallic Dots 

Metallic Dots nail art
Source: Pinterest

Standard polka-dots get a fashionable update with metallic gold on a swimming pool blue moody backdrop.

Hands In The Clouds 

 Hands In The Clouds  nail art designs
Source: Pinterest

If only an original cloudy sky viewed here good!

Metallic Accents 

Simple Nail Art Designs

This charming design sets a sharp metallic twist upon the ballet pink.

Try out all these best 12 nail art designs without fail!!!

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