Best Ways to Wear Leopard Print outfit

How To Wear leopard print velvet fabric is a question that is always relevant. And conversing with fashion, combining animal print to your outfit is the easiest way to look stylish, sharp, and sexy. Certain prints include leopards, tigers, snakes, and zebras which years ago, were more connected with a tacky taste of style alternately of fashion. However, these prints don’t have to be associated that way. They actually can easily be worn for every season. You just have to combine them the right way with other outfit pieces.

One most important key trick when wearing the animal prints is in the right dose. You may also break up the self-reliance by wearing solid colors — no need to go head to toe leopard print, or just go for accessories only as it can add style to a basic look. And finally, scale it down — get the right sized print for your body shape. Take a look at some style ideas and tips on how to wear animal print

Wear it with Denim Pieces

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Leopard print velvet fabric

One of the most effortless ways to wear leopard print apparel is by hauling them with denim. Hence, if you want to create more casual outfit denim matches perfectly with leopard print.

Pair it with Leather Pieces

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For a more premium look with leopard prints, matching them with leather accessories – especially black – can constantly hold your look super simple yet elegantly perfect that will nevermore get old. The print looks quite beautiful when blended with timeless themes like the leather jacket, skinnies, or pencil skirt. The tone of the monotonous color of the leather accessories would set out the effect of animal prints.

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Break it Up with Black or White

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To blend down the “wild” and the intrusive effect that emerged from leopard prints, break it up by wrapping the timeless black or white pieces. This tip also serves with other drab colors as certain colors can mix and makes your leopard print look great. 

Consequently, you can try owning one animal print piece, while the rest of your outfit would be fashioned of neutral colors with black, white, brown and grey. 

Bright it Up with Bold Colors

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If you’re just dressing practiced with leopard print velvet fabric, you can try another extra-safe research by extracting off your print with bright colors. This gonna be a good idea to take on board and if you’re trying to get your head throughout how you’d wrap this print. For some unique leopard pieces, because of its brown-khaki-black powerful color emerging on the print. Hence, it looks super classy when you wear with brilliant colors like mint, coral, pink or red.

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