Biggest Fashion Trends of Last Year

Happy New Year guys! The last year passed by very quickly and we hope you made the best out of it. The bygone year had several huge moments, with spectacular movies releasing and many high-profile weddings taking place. It also witnessed the arrival of several new fashion trends. Like with every passing year, some of these trends will stay, while others fade away. To be fashion-ready for 2020, you need to be aware of the fashion trends of last year. Here’s a look at some of the biggest hits and misses of this year so you get to stay fashion-savvy this year as well!

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo bags proved to be a big hit last year with It Bags such as Cult Gaia selling out of stores like hot candy. As per a study by Pinterest, people searched for these commodities 2,215% more than in 2018. The trend comes in light of more and more people moving to more sustainable means of fashion. With environmental concerns raging across the world, it comes as no surprise that they became one of the biggest fashion trends. These bags are open at the top and use bamboo strands weaved into each other. Several fashion houses also created fully wooden tote bags, and many of them came at under INR 8000, making them more affordable to Indian audiences.

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Statement Sneakers

Balenciaga’s Triple-S sneakers have become a huge hit with the masses and the crowd seems to love the statement shoes. While they fall into a more expensive category of shoes, many brands are now coming out with their own signature pairs. Brands such as Escada and Opening Ceremony, have reignited an interest in statement sneakers. These colorful pairs work great for people with loud personalities and are 100% unique. They can be teamed with a plain pair of jeans and work as a great way to spice up your otherwise sober dressing sense.

Statement Sneakers

Bike Shorts

Anyone following fashion trends last year knows how fitness has become a part of most trends. Constantly being on the run can be taxing if you want to stay fashionable. However, to make things easier major fashion brands have now come out with uber-cool bike shorts. Some of the most famous ones belong to Fendi, with neon colors and splashes of black and white in them.

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Bike shorts

Wrap Dresses

Freely flowing dresses define summer the way nothing else can. Most of our summer vacation snaps have silhouettes of such floral print maxis and dresses. The most famous of such dresses last year were wrap dresses, which are amazingly comfortable casual wear. Also, such wrap dresses when made with sober and calm colors become cozy coats perfect for the fall. Hence, wrap dresses can be used throughout the year in several ways to spruce up your wardrobe.

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Wrap Dresses

Snake Prints

The early 2000’s popularised the leopard print, which then became a global phenomenon. Well, 2019 was definitely the year of the snake, with the snake print becoming increasingly popular. These prints became a part of everything from shirts to scarves and served as a great embellishment. Also, they work very well with solid trousers, and as party wear when styled with a nice pair of heels. Snakeskin prints also became a common dress print with several fashion brands coming out with cocktail dresses in this print.

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Snake Prints

Oval Sunglasses

2019 definitely served as the year of retro comebacks of several old fashion trends. High up on that list are oval sunglasses which made quite a comeback. The iconic sun-glass style popularised by Yoko-Ono survived decades to make a resurgence last year. These come up in all sorts of colors with dark colors being the preferred choice. The upgraded frames come in plastic, wood and metallic options now.

Oval Sunglasses


Ruche in French means a strip of gathered cloth and ruching involves pleating and repeatedly folding cloth as a form of embellishment. These pleats then become an ornamental design used on sleeves, the waistline and even hems. They also become accents, similar to how collars and belts are used.


Sustainable Fashion

Another important fashion step taken last year is the emergence of sustainable fashion. Owing to the huge outcry regarding environmental issues, most fashion brands are switching to more sustainable methods of manufacturing and design. These include the use of natural fabrics, hemp and natural dyes in the making of clothes. Let us hope that such initiatives gain more momentum in the years to come.

Use this list to figure out what fashion trends you missed last year, and keep yourself updated about new ones. Step into 2020 with your best fashion foot forward!

Saree fashion 2020

All you need to know about the latest saree fashion 2020. Read on to know more about the best Indian saree fashion 2020.

Aqua blue saree ( Indian saree fashion 2020)

Aqua blue saree with checks and intricate round motifs all over the body. The beautiful checks in pallu have widespread aqua blue zari detailing.
MATERIAL: Kanchipuram silk

Indian saree fashion 2020
picture courtesy

Mutka silk (Indian saree fashion 2020)

Beautiful white wedding saree styled with a simple gold blouse. 

picture courtesy

Handwoven tussar silk saree (Indian saree fashion 2020)

This is a handwoven tussar silk saree styled with a floral maroon blouse. Hence, it feels so soft and comfortable.

picture courtesy

chiffon saree (new fashion saree blouse 2020)

Floral saree styled with a satin green blouse. Chiffon saree remains the new fashion saree blouse 2020. Hence, it gives a Whaaaaa re!!! Elegant and simply gorgeous look.️

picture courtesy

Easy-breezy cotton saree

Easy-breezy cotton saree styled with a white shirt and silver choker.

picture courtesy

Redline Saree

Gorgeous redline saree styled with a white blouse and gold choker.

Picture Courtesy

Cotton block print saree

Cotton block print saree styled it with a yellow crop top, a pair of jhumkas, and tied hair into a messy bun. 

Picture courtesy

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