Saree blouse back designs: Few types

Women look adorable and elegant when they wrap a saree. Saree has become a style statement and many women prefer it. Wrapping a saree gives women confidence and a beautiful look. Along with draping a saree, a woman must also focus on choosing appropriate make-up look (matte, gloss, or dewy), good hairstyle, and accessories (like neck-piece, bracelet or bangles, rings, head-piece, etc) and pair the saree with a good pair of footwear. The overall look must depend on the type of occasion you are attending like weddings, Diwali party, office function, college farewell, etc.

One of the most important elements which add magic to your overall look is the blouse. It is necessary to not only choose the perfect your saree beautifully. Here are a few ideas for back designs of a blouse which are trendy and fashionable.

Trendy and fashionable back designs for a blouse

1. Mirror work Blouse:

This type of blouse design goes well with fancy and silk sarees. In this, a hole is cut out in the back of the blouse and is in the shape of a semicircle, oval, rectangle, or any other shape. This shape is filled with mirror work and gives a gorgeous look. This blouse is also apt for sarees that have mirror work. Extra detailing is added by stitching motifs or attaching golden (or other metallic colors) piping to the blouse. This type of blouse is appropriate for grand occasions like weddings, etc.

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2. Oval-Cut blouse 

This one is a simple yet elegant blouse design. This kind of blouse has an oval shape hollowed from the back of the blouse. You can add attachments like small textile balls or pom-poms to the oval shape to make it even fancier. This type of blouse is great for simple, cotton, or colorful sarees. Tie your hair into a bun to enhance the look of the blouse.  

3. The netted-one

This type of blouse is the current favorite of many women and is gaining popularity rapidly. In this, the back of the blouse is stitched with a see-through net. The net color matches the color of the blouse material. On this net, some people also like to put embroidery designs. This kind of netted blouse compliments georgette and designer sarees very well. A front plaited hairstyle looks perfect for this blouse.

4. Silk thread knotted ones

This design has been a favorite blouse design of women, for decades now. This is a simple yet every beautiful blouse black design. This type of blouse design has a deep hole and the opening of the hole can be at the bottom or at the top. Two silk threads are present at the opening of the hole, which can be tied to give an elegant look. This type of back blouse design goes well with traditional sarees.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the fashionable and beautiful looking back design ideas for blouses if you are looking to buy or get stitched one. Make sure to choose a perfect blouse that compliments your saree effectively in order to get that “fashionable Diva” look. Never hesitate to take the extra mile while searching or stitching a blouse, as, after all, good blouse means great appearance. So, analyze all the designs and patterns and choose the best blouse according to your saree and depending on the function. A good back blouse design means you can take tons of photos acing the side and back look!