Different Types Of Hair coloring For Men and Women

Experimenting with hair like doing the latest hairstyles, getting a trendy haircut, or simply coloring it with different shades, is a common thing today. If you are planning to dye your hair, here is an ultimate guide for Different Types Of Hair coloring For Men and Women.

A brief about hair coloring

Hair coloring or dyeing, as it is generally called, is the process of changing the color of your hair. This hair coloring is a part of the cosmetic routine where people with grey or white hair tend to color their hair in order to cover it. Even coloring hair with different colors is a fashionable thing these days. Hair coloring can also be done when the hair gets discolored by hairdressing routines or sun bleaching. The dyeing of hair is considered to be an ancient art that involves the treatment of hair with various chemicals or natural compounds. During the ancient era, the dyes were mostly extracted from plants. The well-known natural dyes were obtained from plants like henna, turmeric, indigo, gooseberries, etc.

What type of hair color suits men and women?

Hair coloring for men

It is true that hair coloring can make a dull, grey hair look more lustrous and healthier. There are plenty of delightful all-new hair color ideas that men can opt for and have a cool look. Blending and mixing various color tones to give an entirely new color is one of the unique techniques used in hair coloring. The different ideas for hair coloring for men include:

Opal hair color
Opal hair color for men
Opal hair color
Platinum blonde
Platinum blonde hair men
Platinum blonde
Smokey lilac
Smokey lilac hair color for men
Smokey lilac
Copper brown edgy hair color
 Copper brown edgy hair color for men
Copper brown edgy hair color

These colors will make the men look ultra-modern, and they can rock the party with their trendy hair colour. Hope you like our suggestion for hair coloring for men.

Hair coloring for women 

Picking a perfect hair color is not that simple that you can just choose one randomly. One should do a lot of research before coloring. You need to understand what suits you and what doesn’t. Your skin and eye color should be taken into consideration before you start coloring. This will ensure a perfect look and compliments you. Different hair coloring styles for women include:

Women with pale skin:
 Hair color for Women with pale skin

 Women with these skin tones can try colors like icy-blondes, violet reds, and mocha brown, and some light blondes like platinum and bleach will work perfectly on them.

Women with wheatish skin: 
Hair color for Women with a wheatish skin

Caramels, mocha, and golden colors are the perfect colors for women with a wheatish skin tone. These colors will enhance their beauty and make them glow. For women having olive-tones skin, Chestnut brown, copper, cinnamon color, will be the best.

Women with brown skin tone:
Hair color for Women with brown skin tone

 For women with brown skin tone, lighter shades like mahogany, maple brown, can do wonders. Therefore, these colors can bring out the warm undertone of the skin.

Different types of hair coloring

There are various types of application techniques followed in hair coloring. They include:

1. Permanent hair coloring: It is a process where ammonia is used to change the color of the hair permanently. The time taken to do this coloring varies anything between 30-45 minutes to bring out the maximum effect.

2. Demi-permanent: An alkaline agent is used apart from ammonia in this technique. Since the alkaline agents are less effective, they will be partial in removing the natural hair pigment. These colors are more natural-looking and always gentle on hair.

3. Semi-permanent: If you want to take your temporary look a bit further, then semi-permanent hair color is just for you. These colors can last for around eight washes. This technique is generally done to cover the grey hair. The benefits of semi-permanent coloring are to induce shine and gloss to lifeless hair.

4. Temporary hair-coloring: More bright shades like blue, pink, red, green color, are the in thing these days. While, these trendy hair colors can give you a party-pretty look, most of them don’t like to wear these bold shades for long. This is where the temporary hair color comes into play. These hair colors are known as wash-out hair colors that are not long-lasting, and the color fades completely after a single wash. This helps you in experimenting with new colors very often.

Wrapping up

Coloring your hair can have several benefits like recreating your look, reduce signs of aging, add texture, shine, and gloss to your hair, and also sometimes helps in adding extra volume to thin hair types. So why spot the same boring look always? Go ahead and try different types of hair coloring, and you will not regret it.

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