Friendship Quotes in English

Friendship day is approaching! Are you running out of good messages to send to your friends or social media sites? Don’t worry! We have got you covered with some awesome friendship day quotes in English.

Friendship Quotes in English

Below are some quotes that you can dedicate to your friend / your best friend. Friendship quotes below

1. Friendship isn’t judged by the number of years but by the depth of it. 

2. The happiest days in my life are the days that I spent with you; my friend!

3. A friend is the one who walks towards you when all the others walk away from you!

4. Friendship is a unique bonding with blood relations but still near and dear to our hearts. 

5. Friendship is a precious gift; never let go of your true friends who care, share, and support you unconditionally. 

6. A true friend walks beside you, supports you always, and holds you when you fall. 

7. Friendship is a treasured gift that cannot be sold or bought but its value is more than a mountain of gold. 

8. Friendship boosts happiness and reduces sorrow by doubling our joy and dividing our sadness. 

9. It is better to walk with your friend in the dark rather than walking alone in the light. 

10. A friend must be like a mirror, who reflects you and like a shadow, who never leaves you!

11. Life is more fun when you have a companion who shares all your joy, sorrows, and secrets. 

12. This friendship day, send your friends a beautiful and thoughtful message and let them know you miss and appreciate their friendship. 

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