Funny Quotes on Friend- Humorous

 Friendship is one of the true treasures a person can get in life. A good friend can work wonders on your life as he (or she) will always be there during happy and sad times. A friend always helps in overcoming stress and unleashing your true and fun side. Having a friend not only gives you a shoulder to cry but also a roller coaster ride of fun and happiness. So here are some funny quotes on a friend that you can dedicate to your best buddy.

funny friendship quotes
funny quotes on friend

True, friendship is one of the best gifts a person can get. But let’s push the importance and value of friendship to another post and focus on the fun side of having a friend who has the same craziness as yours!

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Some funny quotes on friend

1. Thinking about adopting or buying a pet? Well, don’t! Because that will make your friend lonely. Instead, make your friend your pet and keep them close. 

2. Do you know that even friends can give you a headache with their unforgivable sense of humor and boring long talks. Well, the irony with friendship is they give you a headache and also provide a cure with stupid jokes and fun moments. 

3. Well, don’t expect me to be the sensible one. If you are indulging in something dangerous and crazy, I will encourage you tremendously! And laugh when you end up failing it. 

4. I love our stupid and senseless fights as it gives me some time to stay away from your toxic craziness. But I still love you!

5. I will always fight with you for the last piece of pizza, cake, or cookies. I will always take a bite from your burger or take a spoon full of ice cream from your cup. But remember that, I love you!

6. I honestly think that we are going to remain friends forever as I doubt that anyone can put up with our craziness and stupidness. We are the limit!

7. The best time I spend with you is when we comment on the people we hate. Two friends hating the same person, what better can one ask for?

8. What is friendship if we can’t be real and unleash our true crazy self? Well, sorry my friend, I am going to torture you for the rest of your life!

9. Don’t get upset or angry when I torture or shout at you. Because that is my basic right. But no one else should dare to do the same. 

10. I don’t want to measure our friendship by the number of years but by the amount of craziness. Let’s do all the fun and stupid stuff like crazy dance or streets or shouting in public and enjoy our bond. 

Bottom Line

We have compiled a few funny quotes and humorous thoughts about friendship. Send one to your friend and crack him (or her) up!

Friendship is a mixture of fun, laughter, sadness, small fights, and pretty much various emotions, making it a roller coaster ride. A person who has one true friend has earned one of the biggest treasures. 

With a true friend, you will never feel lost and can explore life to the fullest.