Different Hairstyles that go well with Saree!

Saree is one of the most loved attire when it comes to getting a mature and gorgeous look. Most of the Indian girls and women love to wear a saree. Wearing a saree in itself gives a very bold and mesmerizing look. But the overall look can be enhanced by adding the right amount of accessories (like earrings, necklace or neck-piece, etc), applying make-up (gloss, matte, or dewy) according to the occasion, and pair the attire with a dazzling pair of heels or sandals. Get a beautiful blouse stitched, matching your saree (or there are ready-made blouses also available) and add detailing to the blouse to make it beautiful. In this article, we will be focusing on different hairstyles for saree.

woman posing in saree
hairstyles for your saree

And finally, a good hairstyle will help in completing the entire look perfectly.
So, here are a few hairstyles for saree which are easy to achieve and guarantee a beautiful look:

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Hairstyle for Saree

1. Half-up curls

This is one of the prettiest hairstyles for saree and gives a beautiful look. Achieving this look is very easy. Simply straighten the roots of your hair till the mid-length of your hair. Take a curling iron and create curls at the ends of the hair. This gives a bouncy and voluminous look to the hair. This half-up curl is apt for fancy, georgette, and simple sarees. You can use this hairstyle for college events, parties, or simple functions. 

2. Low bun with a few strands out

A bun is one of the most used hairstyles by Indian women. In fact, many women around the globe love it. A bun is easy to wear, all you need a hairband (and comb) to make a quick bun. Bun goes well with almost any attire and women wear it most of the time when at home.

Surprisingly bun also proves to be a good hairstyle on sarees. For a low bun, all you need to do is take all the hair and tie it into a bun using a hairband or a strand of your hair. Don’t take the bun above, make it closer to your neck. After that, take a few strands from the front and put it loosely. 

This will give a good look!

3. Puff and end curls or bun

Puff became one of the trendy hairstyles a few years ago. People started pairing the puff with a ponytail or loose hair. 

Even today, a medium puff can work wonders and give you a fashionable look and is one of the best hairstyles on saree

Simply take the front hair and create a clean puff using it. 

Use the loose hair to either curl them and give it a bouncy look, or braid the remaining hair. 

If you are running short of time, make a puff and throw the remaining hair into a bun, and you are sorted!

4. Fishtail braid 

Fish braid is a tightly knit compared to the usual braid and adds a voluminous look. Fish braid goes extremely well with traditional saree or silk sarees. It gives a very rustic look and is apt for any Indian functions or festivals. 

Fish braid is easy to achieve and you can throw the braid back or bring the braid to the front (left or right side). 

Make the fish braid even more beautiful by adding a few hair accessories like stones or beads.

5. Front braid with loose strands

A simple (loose or tight) braid can give an elegant and clean look. It can be paired up with both traditional and fancy sarees. They are apt for almost any occasion. 

Simply take hair to one side (left or right) and braid them and throw them over your shoulder (towards the right or left side). Pull out a few hair strands from the front if you want a messy look!

Add hair accessories if you have any to make the braid more adorable!

Bottom Line 

These are a few hairstyles that are perfect to ace the saree look. Saree is one of the most-loved and most-adored traditional apparel. Girls love to drape a saree whenever they get the perfect occasion. Make sure to make your overall look even more dazzling by adding an apt hairstyle, gorgeous makeup, and some beautiful accessories. Choose the hairstyle according to the type of saree and occasion to make it even more perfect.