Pre-wedding Skincare regiment: Don’t miss these

Facials?? YESS… Peels?? Yeas, Please… But throw in the word Prewedding and this is where all the confusion starts. Here are the dermatologist-approved Deramaplaning and prewedding beauty regimens for you just to relieve the pressure of doing everything according to the “correct” timeline so that our skin reprobate on us more than our skin can bear. The pre-wedding facial regimen can determine if we can sport the otherworldly glow or have to deal with the irritated skin with rashes that you didn’t sign up for. Google will never step back into giving you the regimen of what each bride should be doing in the pre-wedding schedule. But let’s face it, as unique we are so is our skin. Every skin follows a different regimen; we require different treatments in different successions. Here to make it easier to already stressed and advised by multiple people brides to be we have you covered. Pre-wedding Skincare regiment – DERMAPLANING And other DERMAL TREATMENTS 

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Pre-wedding Skincare regiment


Getting the correct schedule for your 1st dermatologist appointment in a reputed medical clinic with good hygiene is very important. Cosmetic and anti-ageing are for someone seeking for long term aspect. Specify your specific dermal plan needs leading to your “the day”.Get ready to give them the exact details of your medical history. Narrow down exactly what result you want by the end. Be specific!!DON’T forget to specify the dates of your wedding and honeymoon plans (YES including your honeymoon plans). Extreme weathers can negatively affect your skin when undergone deep chemical peeling, PRP, dermaplaning and IPL treatments.

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Long-time for “the day” still… at this point, the gonna be brides who have the concerns like acne scars, pigmentation,micro-needling, PRP; the treatments which require downtime should be started. Yet again make sure your doctor and/or aesthetician exactly know what your concerns are and what results are to be achieved. Having open communication will always help.


Missed out on the above due to lack of the time leeway??? You still have time to undergo some hair and skin rejuvenation therapies like micro-needling with, PRP, IPL. And now this is the ideal time to start your Facial regimen.


Facial regimen depends on what concerns she has. For the brides with extra concerns to take care of this is the time that you should start the facial regimens. The brides with acne-prone or sensitive skin types; this is when it all starts for you ladies. The facials require the downtime to get its maximum outcome. We recommend facials every four weeks and narrowing the gap towards two weeks by the end. Ideally should undergo minimum 8 to 12 facial treatments before your wedding. For choosing the right facials, it completely depends on the skin type. It could make or break the results you wish to achieve at the end. The oily skin types or active acne-prone skin types should “never’ opt for hydrating facials; it would clog your pores and increase your chances of breakouts without actually being of any help at all. In the same way, if someone with dry skin type opts for facials that use products to control oil production and detoxify skin would result in insufficient oil productions and over-dry the skin even more.

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Almost there!! Being so close to the most important day, there is no space to put your skin at any risk whatsoever. Focus on dermal therapies you already have received and “do not” introduce anything new in your regimen. This is the last of your dermaplaning sessions.


As a bride to be with milder concerns like tanning, light acne, sagging the facial regimens for you can start at this time. As a bride, you won’t be going in for just the facials so make sure your other regimens do not clash with your facials.

15 DAYS 

And the count down begins!!! Have your last therapy session help deliver that bridal glow to your face. “Do not introduce your skin to anything new”. Avoid anything intense therapies no matter what the consequences or any exfoliating treatments are big No! 


The last final prewedding facial and/or any other facial treatment always needs to be at least a week if not ideally 12 to 15 days prior to the 1st event as it the time for the best results to reflect on one’s complexion.

This is our Pre-wedding Skincare regiment plan that we suggest our groom who consults us. Hope you gain some information out of this article.