Saree Poses for Instagram: Easy

An Insta post requires 3 important factors. The picture, the caption and the right hashtag. Our list has some interesting poses in saree you can try for your photoshoot. Hence, Some interesting saree poses that you can use. Use our Hashtag #eventfashion if you want us to repost your picture. Cheers!

11 Best saree poses for Instagram

We compiled 11 poses that one can try out. Feel free to try out the poses you feel will be comfortable in.

The Faux Candid

Sometimes, having things simple can help you get the casual look. The forced candid look ( faux candid) is a must-try. The trick – The pose must look candid but also express that you know where the camera is. Suitable background would be a big wall or closet and or something like above. A slight bend with an innocent smile can actually set your click right.

the faux saree pose

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The Light and Shadow

light and shadow pose
Credit: wedding stories by harisvision

Like a cat and mouse, you can play with the light used and the shadow you are trying to project. This is a widely used one and yet a time consuming one. An example would be having a dark space with a focus light on the background with appropriate lighting on the front side. It not just highlights your postures but creates a perfect silhouette with a ray of focus light hitting from behind. Similarly, you can also try these combinations: If you like to wear dark shades, then take your pictures with a beige or light cream background; cast a mild shadow. Black works well with black as well. Black background with foreground lighting could completely change your look as above.

The I own it look

I own it look

While there are thousands of ways to pose with a saree. If you want to go for “the perfect girl” appearance with a hint of swag, a simple sitting posture and a smile and your eyes speaking the words ‘ I own this show’. Again make sure your background complements your saree like above.

The graceful Diva Look

diva pose in saree

You can also go for the simple graceful diva look. An example would be sitting on a comfy couch or lounge and go for a no-eye contact expression with a charming smile. Remember to think that you are the most awesome person in this world while you pose. Take the above one for inspiration. Simple, elegant and graceful.

The Lookdown pose

Credit: weddings by Aaronobed

This is another common pose and showcases a traditional look. Almost every saree lover will have at least 1 picture posed in a similar way. Thus, just look down and hold the tip or pleats of your saree to get that homely girl next door look. Earn countless likes for this gorgeous pose.

The Hold your hair

hold your hair pose

Let your hair loose or let a few loose strands hang. Hold them casually with your hand or fingers and pose accordingly to get that perfect picture. Loose hair and fashion saree are the best pair.

The Cross leg Pose

This is one of the most elegant and gorgeous poses. All one has to do is grab a chair (or any seating space) and sit elegantly with one leg crossed over the other. One can either face the camera and give a slight smile to look sideways. This pose is an all-time favourite of all the saree wearers. Sitting cross-legged gives a sense of confidence so make sure to make it reflect on your face as well. Make sure to cup your hands around the knee of the leg which is crossed over the other or simply play with your hair!

cross leg saree pose

The Hand on the hip Pose

This pose again is a personal favorite of many women out there. The pose is very easy to replicate. All one has to do is take a hand (either right or left) and place it on their hip. If you are taking the right hand, place it on the right, or similarly with the left side. 

Make your hand and body to form a perfect triangle. Look straight into the camera lens with a broad or subtle smile, else face away from the camera. Let the other hand loose or place it under your chin. 

Stand or sit according to your preference. This picture turns out to be beautiful if you combine this pose with outdoor settings. 

hand on hip pose

The Keep a palm on the other look

This pose can be achieved either sitting or standing. All one has to do is keep a palm over the back of another palm. This gives a very clean and beautiful look. You can either stand on sit for this pose. 

This look gives more focus to your hands so make sure to accessorize it adequately. Apply mehndi if you like to and fill the hand with bangles that match the saree or opt for golden ones. Wear bracelets or rings to add more details to the hand. 

keep a palm pose

The Touch your elbow look

This pose is similar to the palm pose. To achieve this pose, simply keep the palm of one hand over the elbow of another hand. Like, take your left palm and keep it in a slanting position. Use your right palm to cover the elbows. This again is a beautiful pose that gives better pictures if one is standing. The emphasis in this picture is laid on your right hand and face, so make sure to portray them beautifully. The picture can be shot from the front or the side, both turn out to be amazing photos.

touch your elbow pose

Flaunt your pallu

You can also a casual fun pose by flaunting your pallu. An example we give you here is the model playfully flaunts her saree pallu in the air for the breeze to hit it. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

flaunt your pallu

The Sexy hip poses

Saree is a versatile attire. You can transform from being an elegant woman to being a hot beauty. Just make a few adjustments to the method of saree wearing. Flaunt the waist a little. Note: less is more when it comes to the Sexy Hip. Try out this pose if you feel a little bit more adventurous.


The Lookup Pose

This pose can be achieved in outdoor settings. Simply stand (or sit) in an open space or near a tree. Look up and use fingers of any one of your hands to play with hair or hold the pendant of your neckpiece. You can also use the palm-on-palm or touch your elbow pose. Tilt your head slightly and look up to the sky or highest tree branch. 

The main focus here is on the neck, so make sure to wear a gorgeous neck accessory to make the picture come out beautifully. And that concludes our list of Saree poses for your Instagram.

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