Mehendi simple Designs you must try

Mehendi, commonly known as henna all over the world. Henna is a paste often connected with good luck and positivity. It is one of the most traditional modes of body art founded by humans. Women and girls get their palms and feet loaded with this paste on auspicious occasions. Hence, it may be weddings or festivals, Mehendi is a much-cherished form to immerse into the celebration mode for most girls. While some women faint over its odorous smell, others love their hands decorated with pretty and elaborate Mehendi designs.

Here are the 8 best Mehendi designs to make your hands decorated. Read on to know the best designs for you.

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Here are the Mehendi simple designs

 Multi-patterned and elegant

Multi-patterned and elegant mehendi design
Mehedi designs front hand

This beautiful Mehendi design is classic for the brides who desire to discover a balance between traditions and modernity.

 Sheer elegance

Sheer elegance mehendi design
Mehendi design for back hand

Concentric series returned to life with dotted highlights look so calming to eyes.

A trailed pattern

A trailed pattern mehendi design
Trail pattern- Mehendi design front hand

While it is traditional to have Mehendi trails for the backhand, but this is one of the unique simple Mehendi patterns with a well-detailed Arabic trace on the forehand.

Peacocks and hearts Mehendi

Peacocks and hearts mehendi design
Peacocks and hearts

Bold patterns are easy but also assist the idea of covering the space. Hence, this simple Mehendi pattern includes smooth strokes, peacock and heart designs is one of them.

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The one with petite strokes

 The one with petite strokes mehendi design

We can’t stop loving this artsy bridal Mehendi pattern. The way it has been sketched on the outer sides of the foot seems so mesmerizing.

A depiction of a love story

A love story Mehendi

It is a trend amid modern brides to portray the love on their bridal Mehendi. This alluring Mehendi pattern with the outlined arrangement is one of them. 

A conventional design

A conventional design

The USP of this design lies in its uniformity and mini blank spaces. Hence, it is Composed of the most common Mehendi patterns like paisleys, mandala, leaves and pearl drops, this simple Mehendi design simply beautiful.

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The jhumki design

The jhumki design mehendi design

Such different and simple pretty Mehendi designs with jhumkis and flowery motifs! Consequently, the enthusiasm spaces and contours improve this design’s beauty outcome.