A snow man in a park

Best snow world theme parks in India to beat the heat

Summer is approaching, and people have started booking tickets to hill stations like Shimla, Kashmir, Switzerland, Athens, and numerous other beautiful places. Kids get a long vacation during this time, and adults simply want to escape the unbearable heat and hence head out to take a tour of the cool mountains.
Thus, If you have not made any plans yet and are running on a tight schedule, don’t worry, visiting a snow world theme park can help in beating the heat. Enjoying a few minutes in the artificial snow will help you have fun and escape the scorching heat.

Here are some of the best snow world theme parks in India:

Imagica Snow Park:

Snow world Imagica is one of the best snow theme parks in India. This snow world offers pure and real snow, which is safe. The temperature drops down to almost -5 degrees Celsius. People can experience snowfall and have numerous fun-filled games like snowball fights, building a snowman, snow basketball, and many more. Take a ride on sleigh or toboggans. Protective jackets and boots are provided by the snow park at no extra cost. This park is the best to get away from summers. The park also has a water theme park and amusement park, which adds to the fun.
Location- Khopoli, Maharashtra

Imagica snow park

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It is the only theme park situated in Kerala and is spread across 10,000 sq ft. It is huge and offers a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. The snow-filled theme park is a treat to the eyes and body during the summer season. The park has also created snow-clad mountains, which gives you a feel as if you are in Kashmir or Switzerland. The necessary equipment like gloves, boots, etc. are provided by the theme park. Enjoy this super-cold and beautiful snow world with your friends and family.
Location- Chalakudy, Kerala

Snow world Phoenix market city

Snow world is situated inside the Phoenix market city mall. This theme park offers a space to experience -10 degrees Celsius and houses numerous entertaining games and activities. Some of the fun-filled activities which people can indulge in include snowboarding, snowball fights, tobogganing, ice skating, snow sliding, and many more. A person can also experience and rejoice the snowfall. There are artificial Igloos and penguins which boost the aesthetics of this place. Visit this awesome snow world to escape the heat and enjoy the day.
Location- Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra

VGP snow Kingdom

VGP snow kingdom is huge and the detailing like the polar bear, snow palace, and igloo, gives the snow kingdom a heavenly look. One of the best parts of this snow kingdom is snow mountain climbing. Apart from that, there are numerous other snow-filled and fun-filled activities like a snowball fight, snow slides, sledging, etc. Jackets, boots, gloves, and other safety gear are provided by the park itself. Enjoy this snow park with your family and friends.
Location- Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Snow world Delhi

Snow world Delhi is one of the best places to experience snow in the summer season. The temperature in this park drops to -10 degrees Celsius and also offers snowfall. Apart from experiencing snowfall, visitors can also try numerous activities like ice sliding, snowboarding, ice skating, snowboarding, and many more. The jackets and boots are provided at the park itself. Visit this cool place and enjoy the summer season.
Location- Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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Bottom Line

These were a few snow worlds in India. There are many snow theme parks spread across the country. If you want to escape the heat and want to enjoy the cold climate for a day, head to these places. These places are a gateway to heat for friends and family. The ice, theme, igloos, and winter gear will surely give you a magnificent feel.

Head to a snow world to beat this heat!