Dumb Charades: The game we need

Games are one of the best ways to release stress and enjoy it. There are numerous fun games like Pictionary, tic tac toe, truth or dare, UNO, and many more games which add fun to the event and help people pass time. One of the best games loved by most people is dumb charades. Let us now understand why dumb charades are so popular and how to make it even more interesting. 

What is dumb charades?

Dumb charades is the process of enacting a word only using hand gestures so that the other person can guess what the word is. Dumb charades is generally played using movie titles. Movies can be of the English language or from any language which you are familiar with. Some people also use short sentences or words and enact it out using hand gestures or body actions. 

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What are the basic rules of dumb charades?

Some.of the basic rules that need to be followed during the dumb charades game include:

  1. The game needs a minimum of two players and at least two teams. Two people can also play the game, one enacts and one guesses, but to add fun quotient, two teams are better!
  2. One person has to enact the movie or word and the other person has to guess it. 
  3. The person enacting the word or movie must not utter a single word. The person should only use hand and body actions to make the other person understand. 
  4. The two teams can keep a scoreboard and add scores to announce the winning team. 
  5. If there is a tie, conduct a tie-breaker round. 

How to make it interesting?

Dumb charades is one of the most common types of games enjoyed by people of all age groups. If you have been playing for a long time, tremendously enjoy the game, but want to make it more interesting, here are a few tips:

  1. You can add a time limit like the team has to guess the word or movie within 30 seconds. This will add thrill to the game. 
  2. Pre-plan some gestures with your team beforehand. Like touching your head denotes it is the latest movie, touching nose denotes it was released a few years back, and touching the chin denotes it is an old movie. 
  3. You can also play reverse charades if you are bored with the usual charades. For reverse charades, your team requires 3 or more than 3 people. One person has to guess the word or movie name, while all the other team members must enact. Imagine the fun of two or more people enacting a word, simply doubles the fun. 

When is it played?

Dumb charades can be played with your family or friends. All one needs is a group of four people (more the merrier) to play this game. The game can be played at parties, weddings, camping trips, or simply during a sleepover. 

Bottom line

Dumb charades is the most loved game and preferred by people of all age group. A game of dumb charades can fill the atmosphere with happiness and laughter. You can play dumb charades in any event or party provided you have a team of four or more people. You can add your twists and turns to the game and make it more interesting!