Best Ways To Prevent White hairs

A common problem among teenagers is white hairs. It all happens when the hair follicles can lose pigment. The hair follicles have pigment cells known as melanin these cells give your hair its colour. When hair follicles start losing pigment, it results in white hair. Many will have this question in your mind does white hair can be prevented? What are the common causes of prematurely white hair? Event fashion brings out the solution for all your questions about white hair. Read on to know more!

Common causes for prematurely white hairs

Vitamin B-12 deficiency

Vitamin B-12 remains the main causes of white hairs at an early age. The vitamin B-12 helps to grow healthy black hair and it plays a vital role in your body. It carries oxygen to your body cells including hair cells. Hence, the lack of vitamin B-12 can affect melanin production which ends up resulting in weaken hair cells. 


Stress one of the main cause that generates grey hair by affecting your melanin cells. The results of stress cause sleeping problems, high blood pressure, and anxiety. If you notice a rise in grey hairs popping up in your head then understand clearly it’s all about stress. Consequently, its clearly understood that “stay stress-free to escape from white hairs.”

Autoimmune disease

Many may don’t know about this villain which causes premature white hairs. The autoimmune disease attacks your own cells and the immune system can attack hair and cause loss of pigment.


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If you get white hair at a young age, then it’s all about genetics disorder. Likely if your parents or grandparents to have white hair at an early age where you can’t escape from heredity. But if you don’t like the way your grey hair looks, you can always colour your hair.

Thyroid disorder

Hormonal distortions caused by a thyroid problem — such as hyperthyroidism may also be liable for early white hair. The thyroid is a gland found at the bottom of your neck. It helps to manage many biological functions such as metabolism. The health of your thyroid can also affect the colour of your hair. Hence, overactive or underactive thyroid can cause your body to generate less melanin.


There’s includes a huge connectivity between early white hair and smoking. It’s well-known that smoking cigarettes increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. The long-term smoking results, can go exceeding the heart and lungs and affect hair. Smoking tightens blood vessels, which can decrease blood flow to hair follicles and end up in hair loss. Consequently, toxins in smoking can damage parts of your body including your hair follicles, producing early white hair.

Ways to prevent white hair

The ability to change or stop white hair depends on the case. If the cause is genetics, there isn’t anything you can do to prevent or permanently reverse the colour change.

Natural Solutions To Stop White Hairs

Curry Leaves 

White hairs

Traditionally it is believed that curry leaves turn your white hairs black. Try these natural remedies to stop white hairs.


  • Some curry leaves
  • 8 tablespoon of coconut oil


  • Heat the coconut oil and add some curry leaves  
  • Leave it to boil and let it cool
  • Then strive it and gently apply it throughout your hair
  • After applying for 15 mins, leave it for 30 minutes 
  • Finally, rinse off with a sulfate-free shampoo 

Henna Powder

White hairs


  • 10 tablespoon of henna powder
  • 2 tbsp instant coffee powder
  • 2 cup of water


  • Heat the coffee powder in a bowl with 2 cups of water.
  • Slowly stream the above-mentioned mixture with henna powder
  • Apply this mixture in your hair and wait for 3-4 hours until it gets dried
  • Finally, Clean your hair with warm water and a clear sulfate-free shampoo. Follow this once a month for 3months you can see good results

3 Best foods to prevent white hairs


White hairs

Chickpeas also are known as Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo beans Egyptian pea. It contains fascinating strengths of vitamin B9 which prevents white hairs. A cup of them packs a huge 1,114 micrograms of B-9, approximately 3 times the RDA of 400 micrograms.


White hairs

The best way to maintain your B12 levels high up by devouring lots of eggs, cheese, milk and chicken. “It’s considered that consuming foods filled in vitamins to renew the process of white hair. 


White hairs

Lentils are also known as பயறு in Tamil. It contains a rich source of B9. Lentils filled with vitamin B12, B9 supports the generation of DNA and RNA. It’s also essential for red blood cell creation and plays a vital role in the generation of methionine, an amino acid necessary for maintaining hair colour.

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