Tamil wedding dance: The 4 types you need?

posted by on 13-11-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Tamil Nadu is popular for casting expensive and rich wedding events with great deals of colour, loud music, and passionate dancing. Tamil Nadu weddings are advantageous and celebrated with unbelievable energy, zeal, and joy. In this new era, the Tamil wedding dance has become the soul of any wedding event. In spite of the fact […]

5 Famous temples in Chennai for Aruvatham kalyanam

Aruvatham Kalyanam, an important ceremony carried out in Tamil Nadu. Also called as Shasthripooja. This ceremony is organised when either of the married couples reach the age of 60. Therefore, it plays an important role in bringing in all families members together to celebrate the joyful occasion. Therefore, 5 famous temples in Chennai fro Aruvatham […]

20 Tamil songs to be played in a wedding ceremony

posted by on 19-10-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Tamil weddings are well known for their color, emotions, culture and varieties in food. Music (or) songs play a major role in a Tamil wedding and in-fact dancing at a wedding are even catching up quickly. Therefore, choosing the right song for wedding ceremony is crucial. The song needs to be clean and must be […]

Why do we celebrate karthigai Deepam

posted by on 15-10-19 in Tamil Festivals

Karthigai Deepam, a festival of lights, celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is celebrated on the Full moon day of the Karthigai Month (Mid November – Mid December) every year. So, why do we celebrate Karthigai Deepam? The festival is celebrated for Lord Shiva and his son Lord Muruga. Why is Karthigai deepam celebrated Legend 1 […]

Destination wedding in Chennai: Top beach resorts

posted by on 6-10-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Chennai is one of the cultural capitals of India with its roots to the ancient Indian History. Even though weddings in Tamil Nadu have similar rituals and traditions like the rest of India, they do have their uniqueness. Here is our writeup on the Top beach Resorts for your destination wedding in Chennai. Also read: […]

Types of flowers used in Tamil wedding

posted by on 25-9-19 in tamilnadu-Event planning

Traditional Tamil weddings are splendid, vibrant affairs. The wedding function last several days or even a week and involves a great deal of expense, preparation and celebrations. Hence, flowers play a major part in making Tamil wedding more colorful. Generally. different types of flowers are used in Tamil wedding to decorate the venue and the […]

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