Things overlooked while booking a venue for your event

posted by on 16-9-19 in Other-Event planning

Event Fashion: Venues are the backbone of any event. We often spend days choosing the perfect venue for our event’s needs. In this article, we will be expressing our views on things overlooked before booking an event venue. These may seem like minor factors to consider but trust us – it is these little things […]

Traditional Bengali Wedding

posted by on 26-8-19 in Other Weddings

Event Fashion: Traditional Bengali weddings are truly a visual delight. It is a beautiful blend of traditional rituals and customs with an urban touch. Weddings represent a rich culture and are full of color and vivacity. The marriage requires an elaborate preparation to perform the ceremony and rituals. The rituals start way prior to the wedding […]

Traditional Punjabi Wedding rituals

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Event Fashion: Traditional Punjabi weddings are expressive, with numerous colours on display and a warm and welcoming environment. There never occurs a dull moment during these events as everyone; even the elders take part in all the weddings enthusiastically. They offer a glimpse of traditional values and practices, coupled with fun games and activities. A […]

Tamil Wedding: All About the Traditions

posted by on 25-8-19 in Tamil Weddings

Are you interested to know about traditional Tamil weddings?If so,read on as we explore the rituals that make up a traditional Tamil wedding.

Traditional Gujarati Wedding

posted by on 24-8-19 in Other Weddings

Gujarat is known for its culture and mouth-watering vegetarian delicacies. Gujaratis celebrate a wedding no less than a festival. There are no dull moments in the two or three-day affair of a Traditional Gujarati wedding. Gujaratis observe various rituals each day. These are as follows: Pre-Wedding Rituals Chandlo Matli After fixing the marriage, the bride’s […]

Traditional Maharasthrian Wedding

posted by on 22-8-19 in Other Weddings

“Simplicity is beautiful”. Therefore, a traditional Maharasthrian wedding is based on this motto. After all, it breathes life into the events that are part of the marriage ceremony. Starting from the pre-wedding rituals like Sakhar Puda and Halad Chadvane to the bride dressed in a beautiful Navari, which is a Maharashtrian saree. In the end, […]

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