Beach wedding in Chennai: An overview

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Event fashion: A lush garden lawn that leads you to a stunning beach and a breath-taking sunset, this could be the setting for your Beach Destination Wedding in Chennai!  With these amazing beach wedding venues and some magical backdrop, You have just brought your imaginations to life, to celebrate the most important day of your […]

Traditional Telugu Wedding

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Event Fashion: “Telugu culture is one of the biggest representatives of South India, and the many regions that call themselves Telugu have their own storied history and customs when it concerns the rites that collectively comprise the traditional Telugu wedding. While in the past, Telugu weddings were these lavish affairs of 16 days, modern times […]

Traditional Wedding Sangeet

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Event Fashion: “The wedding celebrations of the past are often represented as these massive undertakings of pomp and celebration, especially the Traditional Wedding Sangeet. While it might certainly seem like a well-worn exaggeration, it most certainly is not. Modern weddings have pared back a lot of the elements of the traditional Hindu wedding. Traditional weddings […]

All you need to know about Tamil Christian Matrimony

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Event Fashion: “The Tamil Christian Matrimony is a time-honoured and a fascinating amalgamation of western sensibilities and Tamil customs. While the minutiae of the ceremonies might subject to change, depending upon a multitude of factors; Includes denominational beliefs and practices. But, the core inherent joy and serenity of the wedding stays intact throughout the spectrum. […]

Traditional Islamic Wedding

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Event Fashion: “Islam is one of the most prominent faiths you could find on our blue planet. With over 1.8 billion followers, which amounts to 24% of the total world population, the monotheistic and Abrahamic religion is the second largest in the world. Holy Quran is the primary scripture of the religion. Marriage is an […]

Traditional Hindu Wedding

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Event Fashion: “Every individual is on an endless quest to find meaning in their life and become whole. Importantly, Marriage is that desire made manifest and a will to share the journey of a lifetime. The rituals imbibed in us by tradition dates back to centuries. Importantly, it stands to reason that a Traditional Hindu […]

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