Hair Braid style: Complete guide

posted by on 11-3-20 in Lifestyle

The ever-revolving beauty industry has brought out several new trends in hair braiding. Numerous hairstyles may have come and gone, but braids have remained a staple style in history, which dates back to 3500 BC. Whether it classy corn rose, Dutch braid, or a simple three-strand braid, these types of symbolic hairstyles have always been […]

Different Types Of Hair coloring For Men and Women

posted by on 9-3-20 in Lifestyle

Experimenting with hair like doing the latest hairstyles, getting a trendy haircut, or simply coloring it with different shades, is a common thing today. If you are planning to dye your hair, here is an ultimate guide for Different Types Of Hair coloring For Men and Women. A brief about hair coloring Hair coloring or dyeing, […]