Best Ways to Wear Leopard Print outfit

posted by on 21-2-20 in Lifestyle

How To Wear leopard print velvet fabric is a question that is always relevant. And conversing with fashion, combining animal print to your outfit is the easiest way to look stylish, sharp, and sexy. Certain prints include leopards, tigers, snakes, and zebras which years ago, were more connected with a tacky taste of style alternately […]

Assamese wedding: Everything you need to know

posted by on 24-1-20 in Other Weddings

Here’s a look at Assamese weddings which bring together customs that give importance to their culture and heritage.

Biggest Fashion Trends of Last Year

posted by on 13-1-20 in Lifestyle

Do you want to stay on top of fashion trends in 2020? The best way to do so is to keep yourself updated on what happened the year before.