Blouse Designs with Silk Saree

posted by on 28-8-20 in Lifestyle

¬†Indians started wearing blouses only after the British era. Saree and blouse are considered as a national dress of India. Women from north to south prefer wearing a saree and blouse on any special occasion. As history says it was Jnanadanandini Debi the wife of Satyendranath Tagore was the one who wore a blouse first […]

Trending saree designs of 2020

posted by on 10-3-20 in Lifestyle

Wearing a saree is a timeless art that has progressed eons and proceeds to increase. Six yards of pure grace, a saree is an identification of womanhood and embodiment of elegance. Read on to know the new patterns and saree designs. Also Read: The top 10 Incredible Sets of Blouse for Different Sarees Here are […]

The History of Saree: A Brief Look At

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The saree is an integral part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe, but how many of us know about the History of sarees?Read on to find out more.

Saree draping styles: Get it perfect

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A Saree is nothing without the perfect Saree draping style to go with it. Here’s a look at various draping styles from all over India.

Saree blouse latest pattern: All you need to know

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Here’s a look at the hottest trends with regards to Saree blouses and various neck designs to make sure you are fashion savvy this new year.