Best Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Flawless Skin

posted by on 13-9-20 in Skincare

Every girl dreams to get that beautiful and flawless skin. But due to stress, population, improper lifestyle, hormones, and many other reasons, clear and glass-like skin are snatched away from women. But with a bit of effort, women can definitely achieve clean and smooth skin overall. There are various skincare routines that are trending in […]

Seven Summer Skincare Tips for Men

posted by on 16-5-20 in Tradition

It’s easy to ditch your skincare plans if your schedule is jam-packed. But that does not mean you ought to skip out the universal skincare routine altogether. Even when you’re busy, we would suggest you follow a couple of basic kits— facial cleanser and moisturizer. Don’t worry, this regimen is super-simple. Here are the seven […]

Honey Face Pack For Instant Bridal Glow

posted by on 11-4-20 in Tradition

Honey, particularly raw or unpasteurized, is a perfectly versatile and all-natural element to use on skin. It’s packed with antioxidants, which are good for wrinkles and aging skin. It purifies skin by clearing up and unclogging pores. Hence, it’s simple to make the Honey face pack to get the perfect bridal glow. Follow to steps to make it perfect!  […]

How to get clear, glowing, spotless skin by using aloe Vera gel

posted by on 2-4-20 in Skincare

Aloe vera gel absorbs quickly, creating it ideal for oily skin and helps to treat dry skin. Consider swapping out your regular moisturizer for aloe after bathing to help seal moisture into your skin. The aloe vera gel can combat acne, stop dark spots, and also slow down the indications of aging.  Aloe vera remains […]

How to glow up in 5 mins with 5 easy beauty hacks

posted by on 1-4-20 in Skincare

Everyone tries to glow up these days but no one wants to spend a lot of time in it trying out to look good. So Eventfashion gives you the 5 best beauty hacks to glowing up withing 5mins. Read on to know about the 5 best beauty hacks. Glow up trick 1 Paint your nails […]

Summer skin care tips for healthy skin

posted by on 28-3-20 in Skincare

Its summertime. Hold on wait! Its time to change your daily skin care routine. The sunny Indian summer can be intolerably harsh on your skin if you don’t give them adequate care for them. Hence, just like your apparel, your skin care too unquestionably needs a seasonal change. Read on to know more about the […]

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