There is a scientific reason behind the baby shower ceremony in Tamil Nadu?

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A baby shower ceremony is known as Valaikappu or Valaipootu in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil, Valai means Valaiyal (Bangles) and Kaapu means protection. In Karnataka, it’s known as Srimantha and in Andhra its called Seemantham, in Kerala it’s known as Puli Kudi. The Tamil baby shower ceremony is carried in all the houses when the women are pregnant. Read on to know more […]

Know the difference between Seemantham and valaikaapu?

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Event Fashion: “Baby Shower is a western culture and feels very foreign, an alien tradition. When in fact, they have existed in multiple cultures in various forms throughout the ages. Even in India, there have been many iterations that are very similar in spirit to baby showers. They are called as Godbharaai in the North. And […]