There is a scientific reason behind the baby shower ceremony in Tamil Nadu?

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A baby shower ceremony is known as Valaikappu or Valaipootu in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil, Valai means Valaiyal (Bangles) and Kaapu means protection. In Karnataka, it’s known as Srimantha and in Andhra its called Seemantham, in Kerala it’s known as Puli Kudi. The Tamil baby shower ceremony is carried in all the houses when the women are pregnant. Read on to know more […]

What are the best A.R Rahman themed Tamil wedding songs?

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Are you a power couple who is a fan of AR Rahman and his magical songs? Planning to get married soon and looking out for perfect wedding songs? Well! You have reached the place. We have put together quite a list of AR Rahman songs for your upcoming wedding. Our process of choosing/filtering the right […]

Games played in a Tamil wedding

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Indian weddings are fun-filled to attend to. Guests get to meet new people, relative use this opportunity to spend more time with families and extended families. New friendships, relations and even love blossoms here. But, these flamboyant ceremonies exert a lot of stress on the bride, groom and their families. One way to de-stress the […]

The traditional Tamil wedding songs

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Pee pee and Doom doom; How important do you think music is to a wedding? Think about it this way. What do wedding guests remember a year after your wedding? Do they remember how good the food was? Probably.Do they remember the bride‚Äôs wedding dress? Probably. Do they remember if they had a good time? […]

Types of flowers used in Tamil wedding

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Traditional Tamil weddings are splendid, vibrant affairs. The wedding function last several days or even a week and involves a great deal of expense, preparation and celebrations. Hence, flowers play a major part in making Tamil wedding more colorful. Generally. different types of flowers are used in Tamil wedding to decorate the venue and the […]

Tamil Wedding: All About the Traditions

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Are you interested to know about traditional Tamil weddings?If so,read on as we explore the rituals that make up a traditional Tamil wedding.