Odia wedding ceremony

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¬†Odia wedding ceremony: People in Orissa believe in manageable living and are not very expensive and extroverted, which is well revealed in their living style. Just like their lifestyle, a unique occasion in Orissa such as a wedding is more a simplistic affair. Though the necessary ritual and the ceremony last related to those practices […]

Wedding Decoration Ideas India: Must try

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Weddings are special. It is the day of the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. For lovers, it is the day when you announce your love to the world. It is a day when all of the family and friends come together to celebrate two people and their new awaiting journey. Naturally, this […]

Kannada Wedding Songs: List of the Best songs

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Event Fashion: Weddings in Karnataka are a beautiful concoction of traditional and regional values. The weddings take on a lively character because of the Kannada wedding songs. If you have always been intrigued by these songs, we have done the hard work of putting together some of the best and latest for you. If you […]