Different Hairstyles that go well with Saree!

posted by on 10-7-20 in Lifestyle

Saree is one of the most loved attire when it comes to getting a mature and gorgeous look. Most of the Indian girls and women love to wear a saree. Wearing a saree in itself gives a very bold and mesmerizing look. But the overall look can be enhanced by adding the right amount of […]

Trending Hair cuts for women 2020

posted by on 16-6-20 in Tradition

Are you searching for the simplest hair cuts for women trending in 2020? you’ve got come to the proper place. Event fashion a team of fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts brings you up the simplest and trending hair cuts for ladies from around the world. Read on to understand more about the trending hair cuts. Trending […]

Hair Braid style: Complete guide

posted by on 11-3-20 in Lifestyle

The ever-revolving beauty industry has brought out several new trends in hair braiding. Numerous hairstyles may have come and gone, but braids have remained a staple style in history, which dates back to 3500 BC. Whether it classy corn rose, Dutch braid, or a simple three-strand braid, these types of symbolic hairstyles have always been […]

Different Types Of Hair coloring For Men and Women

posted by on 9-3-20 in Lifestyle

Experimenting with hair like doing the latest hairstyles, getting a trendy haircut, or simply coloring it with different shades, is a common thing today. If you are planning to dye your hair, here is an ultimate guide for Different Types Of Hair coloring For Men and Women. A brief about hair coloring Hair coloring or dyeing, […]

French Plait: TheEasy Way To Do it

posted by on 25-2-20 in Lifestyle

The French braid is a gorgeous and perfect hairstyle. Although its difficult weave may look complicated, creating your French Plait is a simplistic process. The secret is to add a strand of hair to every part before interweaving it. Once you’ve learned the basics of a traditional braid down, you could try a French lace […]

Short Hair with Braid: Beautiful and easy to try

posted by on 25-2-20 in Lifestyle

We’ve all stood there – sighting over online pictures of gorgeous braided hairstyles. we’d nevermore be able to do, and longing for braid we can do personally in the mirror. Well, resemble no more! Here are 5 easy hair plaits that give thee look chic with insignificant effort. Short Hair Braids Braiding short hair can […]

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