Bachelorette Party- Event Planning

posted by on 30-8-19 in Other-Event planning

Event fashion: A young unmarried woman is called a bachelorette. A bachelorette party is a fun gathering organized for a bride-to-be. It only comprises of other women and is usually more friend-focussed. Just like a bachelor party is an opportunity for a groom-to-be to let loose, a bachelorette party gives the bride-to-be some intimate and […]

A Happy Wedding Anniversary

posted by on 22-8-19 in Other Festivals

Event Fashion – A Happy Wedding Anniversary is all about a successful couple. Anniversary is a sign to next age together . The growth of life is always fascinating. But the growth of a life with another life is a blessing. Nevertheless it is not just remaking and rewinding past memories. In other words, a […]

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