This is why you need BAPTISM

Event fashion: Baptism is like a whole new divine entry to the commitment with God. Yet Baptism is just a word, just an object to the subject of one’s life. Therefore, it is a symbolism of salvation that a Christian has. Baptism is a visual testimony to one’s commitment to God. Indeed it is a belief of a Christian. And assurance to follow God throughout one’s life as repentance and resurrection.

“Baptism is a command and ordinance of the Lord Jesus to be performed in making disciples until Christ returns at the end of the age.”

Baptism is a powerful sacrament that washes away original sin and its effects. It gives us a new identity, connects us to a new community of believers, initiates us into a new way of living, and provides a clear mission in life. Baptism has meaning on many levels.

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Baptism is a sign of belonging as a new people of God and It denotes the one who believes in Jesus Christ will receive His true gift of everlasting life in the Kingdom of God when Jesus returns. “His resurrection, they rise from the waters after baptism to journey in their new life (Romans 6:4) ”

Water Baptism

Water baptism is a sign and a seal of being in a covenant relationship with God. It is the resemblance of Christ’s burial and resurrection. When the Christian stands in the water it is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And when he/she is dipped inside the water it is the burial of Christ also one’s own sins in stake. When the Christian is bought back up it signifies when Jesus comes alive also the Christian is now purified. And also has a close connection with God.  And it is a new beginning with God and It’s a sign of being anointed to a mission to live and love as Jesus lived.

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Baptism in the New Testament

 The concept of Baptism is first seen in the New Testament.  John the prophet gave baptism to people by fully immersing them in the Jordan River. This was so viral during that period. John was a blessed prophet who baptized many people. And hence he also is known as John the Baptist. People who started accepting Jesus as their Savior and when they get baptized they are connected to Jesus Christ. It’s a sign of being anointed to a mission to live and love as Jesus lived and repentance for forgiveness for their sins.

Baptism of Jesus

However, being the Son of God, it wasn’t necessary for Christ to be baptized. He was not a sinner to repent. However, he came to the world in human form to connect with people and tell them about God. And to accomplish his ministry he followed the traditions of the Jewish. John knew who Jesus was and baptized him. In the Holy Bible, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are seen in one place during the baptism of Jesus. Apart from this time the trinity is not seen anywhere else in one place in the Bible. The sky opens up bright and a dove comes to Jesus as blessings from God. The dove was an immediate sign of approval from Jesus’ heavenly family. Thus was the Baptism of Jesus

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Infant Baptism

There isn’t a detailed verse in the Bible for infants to be baptized. It actually came around the second or the third century. The Church Fathers initiated this. As the word of ‘the second coming’ was not known and with too much of sins happening around parents made their children get baptized when they were infants. They are not dipped in water. Water is sprinkled on them three times. But it is not much appreciative either because children would not understand the sacrifice of God. They will fail to understand the value of it. Hence, they would fail to attain salvation.

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Adult Baptism

Firstly, Baptism is not the ultimate way to understand and take the path of Christ. It is the salvation that one builds within to understand and accept God. However, following years Baptism by immersion now has various methods. Few baptize immersing three times into the water in the “Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. And there are certain people who use Jewish ways to baptize. Here the person wears white robes or clothes and is dipped three times forward and three times backwards. Thus, the common way is dipping backwards signifying the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.


Baptism is important as it renews a Christian’s life with God. It’s a joyous time when the individual takes the moment to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior while seeking forgiveness for their sins. Yet, beyond Baptism, it is all about one’s commitment and salvation. Baptism is must to Christians as it shows the acceptance of Christ in oneself. When a person is baptized, the way they talk and move or preach comes under the wings of God. It’s not just about getting immersed in water but the faith and belief that a Christian carries when he\she decides to follow the path of Christ.

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