Wedding anniversary

Couple opening their wedding anniversary presents
Couple opening their wedding anniversary presents

What is an anniversary?

The date on which any special occasion takes place or the date an institution or a community founded in the past. But more frequently married couples celebrate a wedding anniversary. The pair celebrates their anniversary to commemorate the day they married and the years of togetherness. Usually, family, friends, elders and close circle of the couple bless them and wish them long-lasting happiness and fortune. In a similar way, the institution or community celebrates the number of years they stayed active by hosting a big celebration to thank the support given by each individual. In that case, in recent days even friends, boyfriends and girlfriends engage in this.

Scale of Celebration

Anniversaries and the size of the celebration are changes according to the years of existent. For instance, 50 years of marriage called a golden wedding anniversary or golden jubilee. And it’s celebrated in a very grand manner cause its most probably organized by the kids or even grandkids of the couple. This is normally celebrated in a very grand manner. Because this occasion is very rare, as it’s difficult to see people cross 50 years of marriage. These parties celebrated with a different theme and the venue decorated accordingly.

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Some Facts about the anniversaries

• The celebration of wedding anniversaries goes way back to the ancient times when the husband give their wife a silver wreath for 25 years of marriage, and a gold one for 50.

• Celebration gets bigger as they progress from the weakest to the strongest relationship as the years pass by. And this celebration stands as the symbol of strength that the relationship possesses.

• To make this day even more memorable countries like U.S, U.K, Australia and a few other countries congratulate the couple by honoring them with mementoes and other prestigious presents as a token of appreciation.

Major categories in anniversaries

The 10th anniversary called as a diamond jubilee, 25th as silver and 50th as gold. These are the three major wedding anniversary celebration that is often celebrated. But each anniversary has its own distinctive name that symbolizes each year of marriage.

Diamond jubilee wedding anniversary

It is the 10th wedding anniversary celebration of the couple. The name diamond jubilee is the modern name given initially it was called Tin. So, the gifts given to them were tin or aluminium-based gifts. Gifts like aluminium watches, picture frames, cookware, tin candlestick holders etc. But modern gifts include earrings, rings, cuff-links or a pendant are all great ideas. The flower used is Daffodil to symbolize 10 years of marriage. This flower represents joy, cheerfulness and new beginnings which is apt for the 10th wedding anniversary.

Silver jubilee Wedding Anniversary

It is the 25th wedding anniversary celebration of the couple. The name given for the 25th anniversary is silver by both traditional and modern terms. The gift ideas are endless when it’s silver. So, any gift is given generally includes and not restricted to sterling silver or any metal related to silver. Some of the traditional gifts include Jewelry, picture frames, or a vase but modern gifts include silver keepsakes, cuff-links, tie clips, silver-plated flowers etc.

The Iris flower

The Iris flower used to represent 25 years of marriage. 25 flowers are tied together or even kept in a silver vase and given to the couple. The Iris flower is given to the lucky couple to symbolize Wisdom as a whole. Whereas the symbolism depends according to the color of the flower. Yellow represents passion. Purple represents royalty and wisdom. Blue represents faith and hope.

Ruby wedding anniversary:

It is the 40th wedding anniversary. Therefore, spending 40 years together is a great reason to celebrate! Ruby, because rubies are thought to possess an eternal inner flame which is a symbol that the passion in a marriage is still very alive and strong after 40 years together.

Golden jubilee wedding anniversary

It is the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of the couple. The name given for the 50th anniversary is Gold by both traditional and modern terms. The gift could be of Gold or any metal related to gold. It will be appreciated because of gold in general, an expensive metal. So, any gift that symbolizes gold or their 50 years of marriage can be gifted. Few gift ideas are Gold Rings, necklaces, earrings, watches are some jewelry ideas. The flower used – Violet. The heart-shaped and purple colored leaves represent 50 years of marriage. This Flower symbolizes Innocence and Love.

The way of celebration changes from country to country and even according to the religions. But the celebration of the anniversary is so important that it brings the whole family back together and puts a smile on everyone’s face. In some cases, it even mends broken relationships between friends and families.