An Insight into the Wedding Vows

Marriage is an important event in every culture. It is also a union between two people which is institutionalized and publicly recognized. These two individuals pledge to devote their life and time to one another and the pledge taken during their wedding is termed as “Wedding Vows”.

How to write wedding vows?

You can follow a traditional way of writing wedding vows or you can tweak the traditional vows a little bit that will suit your ceremony. You can refer to some quotes and poems to get inspiration and ideas for your wedding vows. Remember that the vows need not be lengthy or complex. They can be simple, appealing, and sweet too. You can include your partner while writing the wedding vows for some added fun and assistance or you can keep it a secret and surprise them during the wedding.

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Creating a structure for wedding vows

The first and foremost thing that you must consider while writing wedding vows is to note the time limit. Then decide when you can fit them in your ceremony. Having a structure as well as a word limit for your wedding vows will help in matching with your partner. Finding a structure that works for you is most important. Ensure that the wedding vows to display your true personality. So, create vows which would match your own story. It would be always wise to start your vows with an anecdote or quotes.

The tone of the vows

It is best to decide the overall nature of the vows before you start writing. It may be poetic, romantic, touching, or humorous. But the vital part is that your wedding vows must mirror your true self and also sound like they are from your heart. It also should convey the seriousness of the commitment that you are about to make. You can also use humor in moderation but make sure it is not overly cryptic or embarrassing.

Pick up the most important promises and try to convey your thoughts in a very short time.

How to practice your wedding vows?

You can memorize the vows. Make sure you practice them before your D-day so that you can correct your modulation, delivery, and your presentation, all are perfect on your special day.

Pick up the right words for your vows that will match both you and your partner’s character. Some people have the habit of mumbling while reading, so make sure you speak softly at the same time you are audible to your family and friends.

At the end of the day, it is your words, so make sure your vows sound like you and your partner feel it to be authentic.

Some sample wedding vows

1. I owe to love you unconditionally. I will trust, encourage, and respect you. I will stand with you in both good and bad times. I will cherish our companionship and love today, tomorrow, and eternally. I will give my hands for you to hold and my life to keep.

2. A marriage is a promise made by two hearts to share, care, and help each other. It is a promise to give and take. It is a promise to be considerate, unconditional. Kind, and fair. Above all, it is a promise to be filled with love and happiness, today and always.  

In a nutshell

Overall, wedding vows can be simple but it must express your inner true self to your partner on the very first interaction of your marriage. Make your special day a memorable one both for you and your partner, with your heartfelt lovable vows and enjoy your life journey with each other.