All you need to know about Aruvadham kalyanam

Event Fashion: Aruvatham Kalyanam also typed as Aruvatham Kalyanam (or) Diamond jubilee wedding anniversary, an event celebrated when a couple steps into the man’s first day of 61 years also called his 60th birthday. Referred to as Shashti Abda Poorthi in Sanskrit, which means Sashti – 60, Abda – years, Poorthi – completion. It is a Hindu ceremony that is celebrated to commemorate the 60th birthday of a person. From the Western perspective, it is close to the pearl-wedding anniversary. Here is all you need to know about Aruvadham kalyanam.

Who can celebrate Aruvatham Kalyanam?

As per the Hindu culture, the age sixty has a great significance in a man’s life as it marks the beginning of the third phase of life. At this age, one had fulfilled his commitments to family and home. Hence, he can turn his mind to spirituality.  Aruvatham Kalyanam usually conducted the day a person completes 60 years of age. If that is not possible, then a different auspicious day can be chosen. The poojai is done for both the husband and wife together. This ceremony is organized by the couple’s children, younger siblings, grandchildren and close relatives.

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Why we celebrate Aruvatham Kalyanam?

Aruvatham Kalyanam is celebrated for the following reason

  • This ceremony removes all kinds of sins or bad karmas of the couple and the Hindu gods- blesses them with a long and happy life together.
  • This ceremony acts as a remedy for any old age illness or weakness.
  • Considered to bless the couple with great strength physically and mentally.
  • Therefore, provide the couples with good mangalya bkahyam by strengthening the thali.

Where we can do this?

There is no particular place to celebrate Aruvatham Kalyanam. Generally, a homam is carried out with prayers recited to God. Some places to conduct the ceremony are a holy place, Temple, bank of a river, one’s residence.

Homam (or) yaagam- aruvatham kalyanam
omam (yagam) inside the house with the couple – Aruvatham Kalyanam

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The ceremony would be incomplete without the ‘Dhanam’ or charity. Various Dhanam performed by the couple for blessings and prosperity.

Gifts given

The greatest gift would be making sure all their loved ones are next to them during the ceremony. Therefore, we suggest that this more than any other materialistic gifts. Although, one can give them a gift to celebrate diamond jubilee. Just like the name, the traditional and modern gift for this wedding anniversary will be a diamond accessory. Also, we have listed out 2 other examples of gifts below.

60Th Anniversary Card:

The 60th wedding anniversary card is a wonderful gift to give. Personalize it and would be advisable to do it from scratch.

Double photo frame:

A coolest gift given will be a double photo frame. Therefore, you put 1 wedding photo in one frame and the other will have the latest photo together. This we think will be the perfect 60th anniversary gift for them.

It is also considered as a way of thanking our elders for making our life comfortable. This is all you need to know about Aruvadham kalyanam.


Here are some wishes (English) you can say to your partner on your anniversary.

  • Looking back on the memories, I feel I wouldn’t have done it with anyone, but you. Happy 60th anniversary, Sweetheart.
  • On our diamond anniversary, with silver in our hair, let us cherish all our memories and let me take you there.
  • We got married 60 years ago and the party is still going on. Happy 60th anniversary.
  • Very few couples reach the diamond date, so in honour of our 60th year, it is time to celebrate! So let us raise a celebration of love and life!
  • Many years have passed by and I often think and wonder why we are so lucky to have each other. 
  • To our children, you are a beautiful mother. I know I could never have anyone better as my life partner. You were the one forever. Happy Diamond anniversary, soul mate.


  • On your diamond anniversary, all the diamonds cannot outshine the diamond you found when you found each other. Happy anniversary!
  • Well wishing on your special day, sixty happy years together. Here wishing you all the love, health, and togetherness, for years to come.
  • Silver gone, so did gold, Now with the diamond, great happiness you both unwrap!!! Delightful 60th wedding anniversary!!

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